More Gamestop shenanigans

Apparently, taking exclusive stuff for themselves and selling it on eBay is officially a PERK of working for Gamestop and EB Games, according to the manager of an Illinois store.

From the article: "Anyway, I asked to check out the Master Chief figure behind the counter. I just wanted to see what it looked like, I wasn't really interested in buying it. The store employee eagerly obliged. After checking the figure out, I said to no one in particular, "this isn't as cool as I thought they'd be." Both store employees agreed. One, who I presume was the manager, as he was overriding a transaction for the other employee, said, "Yeah, he isn't that cool, but the Cortana figure is really awesome!"

Intrigued, I asked to see that figure. He looked up with a grin and said, "we don't have any of those anymore." The other employee asked the manager why. As I was browsing some of the games, I heard the manager say:

"We only got one dude and I picked that one up right away."

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l Drop Dead Ed l3931d ago

well if you work there then you have an instant advantage at grabbing things. Just the way the world works...get ovah it...maybe if you get on there good side or happen to have boobies than you got a shot but other than that employees or rather game employees tend to horde things...just the way the gaming mind works

rofldings3931d ago

"F$%k You EB Games in Villa Park, Illinois."

Rofl, that's like 20 min from my town. I should pay a visit.

ArduousAndy3930d ago

thats this guys gripe with Gamestop. The same thing happens at toys r us comic book stores anywhere and everywhere rare collectibles are sold. Seriously.

Shaka2K63931d ago

They are all born losers,virgins and poor and they all will die losers, virgins and poor.

Tempist3931d ago

More like Stop Game(rs).

Yeah I said it.

ReBurn3931d ago

When the Wii and PS3 released I know that the employees of the EB Games where I live got first dibs on them. I don't really have a problem with it, though. This sort of thing happens in every industry.

JadedWriter3931d ago

So this must be why I can't find any Wii's!!!

cloud360-7th_account3931d ago

hunter x hunter gets boring plus the writer becomes lazy towards the end.

he stopped makign it

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The story is too old to be commented.