Apple to take on PSP and Nintendo DS

Apple has today moved closer to taking on Sony and Nintendo in the handheld market by placing a strong focus on games at its unveiling of it software developers kit of the iPhone.

At the town hall event at the company's headquarters, Apple announced support for OpenGL, OpenAL, and 3dimensional sound, all standards that gamers currently develop in.

In a move to overcome the limitations of no joystick Apple has given developers access to the mobile phone's accelerometer, a technology that allows the phone to sense were it is on three axes and response accordingly. The move will allow gamers to move the iPhone to move a character or vehicle on screen.

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Tempist3972d ago

I see... Visions of the Apple Newton flashing in my head...

permutated3972d ago

Accelerometer access????


Can't wait for the june update, when all these beautiful apps that I bought the iTouch for will finally be available without worrying about cracking/bricking issues!

davez823972d ago

nice bonus to the iphone but compete against the ds? never in a million years.

eagle213972d ago

but here we go again Sony and Nintendo

permutated3972d ago

Imagine games like LocoRoco using nothing more than the accelerometer.

Yeah, it'd kick ass.

Tempist3972d ago

Yeah, you know what that game was called? flOw. Not to mention the PS3 version uses the SIXAXIS very extensively for game play.

Fototherapist3972d ago

of innovation. Apple is doing the right thing, but it probably won't do anything to loosen the PSP or DS stranglehold. However, 3D games on the iPhone will be another reason for me to pick one up, especially after it gets the 3G network.

jiinn3972d ago

Apple is the king of MARKETING. They dont "innovate" anything.

The ipod was a rip off of the PMP300.
OSX is rebranded FreeBSD.

And on and on.

deeznuts3972d ago

Apple innovated ... 2 decades ago. Apple is the king of rennovation more than innovation.

Sony innovates much much more.

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The story is too old to be commented.