Bluetooth for Blu-Ray: The PS3 remote goes Bluetooth

Ben Kuchera of ars technica thought he could use his nice universal remote with his PS3. Apparently he was wrong. Engadget reports that the remote works via Bluetooth.

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SjaakHaas5900d ago

.. cus the infrared remote of the 360 is useless if u got ur 360 in ur closet :)

.. a well, the controller still works fine for me :)

Krimson5900d ago

This is stupid in my opinion. It kills the ability to use programmable remotes like a Harmony.

jedicurt5900d ago

might be stupid right now, but sony announced not to long ago that their newer tv's are also going to ship with bluetooth remotes. however they still will be able to support infrared, so perhaps the ps3 will be like this aswell, so you can still use your universal remote, just the standard one will be bluetooth. atleast that is what i would do to make the transition easier

lalaland5900d ago

We might even be able to use our cellular as a remote as well... Maybe through a small thirdparty software we download to our phones.

Bill Gates5900d ago

Bluetooth is the future, and so will Blu-ray. Learn to live with it. The PS3 will be the number 1 console in 4 years and every year after that. Sony is in this for the long run.