Is WoW 2 the only WoW-killer?

From the article: "The only way World of Warcraft is going to be taken over in the market is for Blizzard to release their next MMO. Take a look at Everquest, the big dog in the house before Warcraft showed up. The final blow to Sony Online's pride and joy was Everquest 2, and how many stories do you hear about Norrath's population rivaling that of half the countries on our planet?"

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solar3975d ago

ive always thought the only mmo to dethrone WoW is Blizzard themselves. and ill keep believing that til another developer succeeds.

Tarmgar3974d ago

I'm pretty sure no one will. Blizzard is a beast of a company with a really good rep of making top quality games.

poos33974d ago

im a black guy that played wow for 2 years and was in the top guild called method and had a lvl 70 hutner we cleared black temple /mount hyjal/the eye when i was still playing that shows u how wide spread wow is every 1 plays it the game is tooo vast

Guwapo773974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

I'm a black dude to that was also in a top guild. But what in the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in china?

LvL 70 Warlock - Redeemer/Devouredsouls - Main
Played Asherons Call 1 & 2 then to WoW.

There are many of "us" that play MMORPGs...

I had to sell the account as playing 8 hours after work and all day on the weekends...yeah...I had Zero life. I'm afraid that if there is a WoW2 that fixes the flaws of the current version I may be in trouble...again.

jadenkorri3974d ago

Ya, WOW is so large now that i don't think any MMO coming out soon will beat it...Blizzard will have to kill it themselves, and thats gonna happen with World of StarCraft (WoSc). Personly played WoW, gave it up while at University as it would affect my seriously.... Not sure if I'll pick it up afterwards......

Blizzard shutdowns WoW servers....mass world suicides and shootings.

Odion3974d ago

its true the only real competitors to WoW is either a Diablo MMO or starcraft MMO, I would personally leave WoW for a starcraft MMO but not a Diablo

Guwapo773974d ago

I don't believe either of those games will dethrone WoW. It is a type of game that really appeals to the sexes. You just won't find in spaceships and more "hardcore" demonic creatures.

WoW is both casual and hardcore...this is the perfect balance in which all games wish to achieve online.

Think about all the woman that play the game and are night elves. Do you think you'll find wives wanting to dress up a sexy spaceship? It just won't appeal...