Sony, Microsoft Discuss Blu-ray for Xbox 360 ; Might Be Included in New Elite Models

Sony is in talks with console rival Microsoft about offering a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360, according to a senior executive.

The Japanese electronics maker has until now touted Blu-ray as an advantage its PlayStation 3 holds over Microsoft's console. Microsoft has backed Toshiba's HD-DVD format and offered an HD-DVD drive that can be plugged into the 360.

But after Sony's victory last month in the high-definition DVD format war, Stan Glasgow, Sony Electronics US president, said the two sides were now talking about Microsoft adopting Blu-ray.

A Blu-ray drive in a 360 would make Microsoft more competitive with the PS3, but it would also mean extra revenues for Sony's electronics division. It would also add further cost to the 360, meaning a premium edition of the console could be necessary.

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Hatchetforce3967d ago

Ha ha ha this is hilarious. Does anyone else see what is happening? See the mistake?

MS is talking about Bluray as in their proposed Windows Vista support. The writer has interjected the notion about a Bluray drive for the 360 and that isn't what was said by Sony, it is not what is going on and it isn't what has been reported elsewhere by people that actually paid enough attention to stick with the facts.

tidus0073967d ago

Blu Ray's victory has given PS3 a huge sales surge ( ofcourse that VGTRASH would say otherwise)

NPD is coming out on the 8th

I expect

atleast 500,000 PS3s
200,000 X360s

I wont be surprised if PS3 sales surge past 600,000 last february

MS's attitude is clearly that of a defeatist.

I seen the PS3 sales surge myself at FUTURESHOP after BD's triumph

I had like 20/30 people all buying PS3s...waiting in a line to pay for their purchase at FS, montreal on 16th February

The manager of the store told me that around 160 x360s were traded in for PS3s at his store alone

CENTREVILLE montreal centre NOW sells around 20 PS3s everyday . They used to sell 2/3 before Blu Ray's victory

My prediction for FEBRUARY

PS3 ---500,000/600,000
x360---200,000 (atbest)

In europe PS3 --1000,000 (last month) FEBRUARY,2008
x360---120,000 (last month )

X360 is now fully finished

Hatchetforce3967d ago

Nothing like vindication:

Thanks to all the posters that knew what they were reading.

decapitator3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

This is big stuff right there people. Well is going to get hot in here so am gone.

Countdown to meltdown in 3...2..1..

EDIT: What the ****? They are going to include the drive in the new Xbox 360's ? Won't that let the price go and put it right up there with the PS3 ?

EDIT2: "A Blu-ray drive in a 360 would make Microsoft more competitive with the PS3, but it would also mean extra revenues for Sony’s electronics division. It would also add further cost to the 360, meaning a premium edition of the console could be necessary."

Sony's plan worked in the long wrong it would seem.

newneto3967d ago

Maybe 720 will have it.

I have a 360 and got a PS3 after because of the built in HDD and blu-ray.

Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3967d ago

and makes Sony look like they really, really know what they're doing and have been *all along. Oh my gosh this is so E p i c.

sonarus3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

It was inevitable. This addition revenue for blu ray should hopefully lead to a price cut. Least sony can do for the playstation 3 considering it was solely responsible for winning the format war.

I doubt we will see this till the end of the yr sony will probably try to maximize their advantage on blu ray for as long as possible. Regardless glad to see you 360 owners joining the dark side even a little bit. Blu ray is the future, yes Downloadable media will eventually over throw blu ray but till then, blu ray will continue to dominate. The real question is will it be incorporated or will it be an add on?

mikeslemonade3967d ago

No one is going to buy a 360 for blu-ray though. This is for the people who already own a 360.

SUP3R3967d ago

Could this mean that developers will start using the Blu-Ray add on for their bigger games or will it just function as a movie player?

BrianC62343967d ago

This would be a big mistake by Microsoft. If they don't want the price to be higher than the PS3 they'll have to take a loss on each drive. And the Blu-ray drive will only work with movies. Why bother? But whatever happens Sony wins on this one.

madestar3967d ago

lmao so really it'll be a xbox/sony console... let michaelsoft help sony get more money.. and i don't think people would buy into it anyways.. since xbox hardware is straight up junk.. it's like oil and water.. it doesn't mix

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You bought an Xbox3967d ago

Unique Blu ray Drive
One that come's compulsory with BRROD (Blu Ray Rings of Death)

Xbots Suck

SeanScythe3967d ago

LOL first they don't need HDMI then they add HDMI then HD-DVD is the best then they want Blu-ray. What next? So far everything the PS3 cam stock with that the 360 didn't have they now want. PS3 Future Proof! PS3 FTW!

sak5003967d ago

Hey idiot sony approached MS. Since Sony itself is in huge loss over this white elephant. If its up to them they'll offer free bravia with ps3...hey wait they already did that.

kornbeaner3967d ago

IT's the other way around dumbas$. They offered a free PS3 with the purchase of a bravia. And since when is giving a great deal such a dumb idea. Would you rather they sell you a crappy console that breaks................. never mind, you would.

Mr Playboy3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Do you think M$ or $ony care about us ???

all they need is our money, Sony added the blu-ray drive in the PS3 just to push their own format

but they didn't care about you or the reputation of PS ... wake up and stop being a slave

tidus0073967d ago

expect some bitter tears when NPD comes out on the 8th FEB

I am quite sure that PS3 will outsell x360 atleast 2:1 for FEB,2008

SONY does care about Us (consumers)

The Blu Ray player in the PS3 alone costs more than X360 premium

The CELL,BD,super stable console----cant get better than that.

PUSH their own format????

this is why the PS3 despite having all those features ONLY COST 400$.

ofcourse M$ only knows to rip XTARDS ---defective console that doesnt even cost 200$ to make is sold to poor XTARDS at 400$. rip XTARDS with LIVE for 50 per annum. RIP XTARDS with 100$ wifi , 100$ 20 gig HDDD

dont compare M$ with SONY

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Joey Gladstone3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

what I predicted Microsoft would do......probably not integrate it into the system, but develop an add-on similar to the previous HD-DVD one....

if this goes through though what will all the 360 enthusiasts say about Blu-Ray then?? something like Ha Ha we have your technology too...or ..Sony doesnt make that much profit off of it because they dont fully own the rights to it???...or We are just "borrowing" Blu-Ray for now until Digital Downloads catch on????
either way it will be great for future 360 games in terms of storage capacity
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

HighDefinition3967d ago

wouldn`t put it past them, they did it with HDMI with the Elite.

DiabloRising3967d ago

Nah, you'll hear the "at least MS gives us a CHOICE" line.

AceLuby3967d ago

Nah, 360 games will NEVER be on BR. If they do that means all those people who own one now would have to upgrade, and I just got one last year and would be EXREMELY pissed if they made me upgrade my Elite already. I mean damn... it cost me more than my 40GB PS3 and you want me to replace it already? I for one would insta-sell my elite and just say F-You M$!

castags3967d ago

maby that's what sony is counting on

deeznuts3967d ago

Sony doens't profit much maybe from the BD license (they don't own it) but I think the article is referring to the fact that Sony may be providing the drives themselves.

jXales3967d ago

cut... it... out!! :P

I don't think they are going to say anything though.. it's pretty much become apparant that the ps3 isn't the turd that they made it out to be. now they are stuck in their own beliefs.. sooner or later they will realise that they just followed the bandwagon with no real incent and will either fall off or become hipocrites.

god i love my spelling...

BrianC62343967d ago

Joey - You know Blu-ray can't be used for future 360 games. That won't work. History has proved that most gamers won't buy upgrades to play new games. If all 360 owners were forced to buy a Blu-ray add-on to play new games Microsoft would have a lot of angry gamers. That's why it won't happen.

I've said this from the beginning of this current generation war. Microsoft released the 360 around six months too soon. They should have waited for HD DVD to come out and include an HD DVD drive in every 360. They should have included a hard drive too. I guess they didn't want to have an expensive console this time where they lose hundreds of dollars per unit. Sony at least makes a lot of the parts in the PS3 so they can get parts at cost.

callahan093967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I agree with you except about the storage capacity for 360 games. Unfortunately this will just be for watching movies, unless Microsoft wants to make it the equivalent of Sega CD. And we all know how that worked out... they took the Genesis which was extremely successful and then started making games for an optional add-on that didn't sell well at all, which also happened with the 32x, the Jaguar CD, and the TurgoGrafx 16 CD, and virtually every other console add-on. None of them become successful for games. While the Genesis was a very successful system, its add-on peripherals were not.

The reason Microsoft couldn't start making all of their games published in Blu-Ray format is because it completely alienates all of the people who've bought 360's up to this point and forces them to buy another unit to play the games that will come out henceforth. That's horrible business. But to make an add-on where just a select few games are released on the Blu-Ray format would likely be a failing decision. Games cost too much to make to alienate the majority of the user base for a platform, so they'll just continue to release all games so they're playable on a standard 360.

poopface13967d ago

Ill still buy a ps3 when its cheaper and use that for my BR player. The 360 games will never be only on blueray, and they dont really need to be. I dont buy very many movies to begin with and don't see me buying many blue rays either, cause they cost even more. This is just for 360 owners who dont have a BR player yet, maybe they want it maybe they dont. Maybe they dont even have a HD tv, I do and I still dont feel I need bluray.

Merovee3967d ago

Sony doens't profit much maybe from the BD license (they don't own it)...

No, your right, they just own the controlling share of the Association that owns it..... lol.

adansirs63967d ago

the BR will only bee on add on for the 360, And will not be able to utilize the storage for games, the 360 will not be able to use the drive for it,s games too bad.

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