What if TV Went "Gaming?"

Andrew Giese of Gamer 2.0 writes: "Today's consoles, with all their intricate wiring and controllers with a dozen buttons seem to deter that humongous average Joe audience. Broadcast Gaming will simplify the gaming experience with a one-time installation by a technician that will incorporate many features of current consoles while adding a few that are impossible on current systems. Hang with us for a couple minutes as we outline how awesome and immersive an experience like this could be for hardcore gamers and casual housewives alike."

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Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3970d ago

especially in relation to remote playing Jeopardy (love it) but I thought that rampant cheating would really kill the idea until this snippet caught my eye -

-- "Admittedly, for this idea to work the Broadcast Gaming set-top would have to include a lot of hardware for a cheap price. For that reason, the hardware will take Nintendo’s approach and be a generation behind current consoles. That just leaves cost for the HDD, and extra controllers, to the user. Taking an initial small monetary loss per-unit-sold a la Xbox and Playstation until costs fall, money can be made through subscriptions and advertising. Graphics haven’t seemed to hurt the raging popularity of casual gaming on mobile devices, handhelds, and the Wii, so why should this be any different?" --

Premise = FAIL

But I still feel that this idea will pick up more steam; however I think that relying on broadcasters to provide dedicated servers and robust loss control systems is a little far-fetched at this time, even with the hardware coming in @ the Nintendo level.

bootsielon3970d ago

TV doesn't have to be a generation behind. Look at the PSP, it can play games that look a generation BEYOND the PSP. Why? It's connected to the PS3 at a 13Mbps connection. Once fast broadband hits the streets, what can stop TVs from outputing PS4 quality visuals without the need for a console? Only an input method (a controller) and fast broadband needed.