More Details Emerge for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

From Playstation.Blog:

Summary of differences between Japanese version and the American version:

* A whopping 30+ additional vehicles (compared to the Japanese version), including tuner cars from Amuse, Mine's, etc.
* Another track to race on: an all-time favorite in the series - frantic and chaotic High Speed Ring!
* In Drift Mode, measure your drifting technique based on driving line, angle and speed within scoring zones on the course
* With the Quick Tune feature, adjust your vehicle's settings including power, weight, tires and suspension
* All new set of online and offline race events and time trials to jump into, win, and unlock cars/features
* With Logitech's new Driving Force GT racing wheel, you can adjust brake bias, traction and damper settings on-the-fly like they do in real-life with Formula One and rally cars. GT5 Prologue will support DualShock 3, too!

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kornbeaner3975d ago

and haters call this a demo. This is a solid starter pak. This game just keeps getting better and better.

conjurdevil3975d ago

It has more content than full games out there !! Nice going !! I cant wait to see what ALL they would have in GT5!!

permutated3975d ago

Played it at GDC.

All I can say guys, is that it's everything you're hoping for.

Get a steering wheel!

mighty_douche3975d ago

Dual Shock supports nice! I guess it was a shoe in, but now it's confirmed : )

level 3603974d ago

Good to hear about the addition of more cars and special features on the game disc.
At least a month + ...days before I get my pre-order copy here in Oz.
Have the soundtrack to the game as well... suppose to be the Japanese version of Prologue, but my cousin in Osaka who's not into gaming sent me a cd version instead.
Great racing music though.