Loot Ninja Review: MLB 08 The Show (PS3)

Baseball season is upon us, and the games are here. Sony's foray into the sport was widely accepted in 2007 as the best of the genre. In 2008, they've improved further on the graphics and gameplay to truly immerse you in the game. Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of MLB 08 The Show for the PS3.

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AceLuby3967d ago

Sweet, love the demo, I think I'm gonna pick this up soon...

Harry1903967d ago

watches x-play?cause their review contrasts
sharply with other the show that
influenced by its ps3 only nature?

fiercescuba3967d ago

X-play is not that reliable to me because it seems they have an agenda. You never know who is telling who what to review things at. I trust sites and media run by gamers and for gamers. Much like my site,

castags3967d ago

this game is so much better than 2k but as i was standing inline to grab it i herd the douch @ gamestop telling someone to get 2k cause the show is arcade like!!?? I f*c<ing hate that place and the dumbass people who work there.

drunkpandas3967d ago

Yeah that person at Gamestop couldn't be any further from the truth. MLB 2K8 is much more of an arcade experience than MLB 08 The Show.

I've been playing baseball for a long time now, with 5 years pitching for semi-pro (not counting college ball). MLB 08 The Show is easily the most realistic baseball game I've ever played.