iPhone Getting Multitouch Games, Including Spore

From Gizmodod:

"I've got good news and better news. The good news is that the iPhone is getting multitouch games that use the accelerometer and every bell and whistle of the iPhone for controls. The better news? Developers such as EA are on board and they're bringing the insanely anticipated game Spore to it. All 18 levels. Yes, this is real. Oh mercy."

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TriggerHappy3969d ago

The iPhone is slowly turning into one hell of a handheld device. A phone, navigator, games. wow. DO WANT. This pretty much means Apple are in the gaming business already.

decapitator3969d ago

Great news I guess. They also just revealed AIM for iPhone.

ITR3969d ago

They had a wing commander like demo running at 27-30fps.
I'm holding off until the 3G iPhone hits later this yr.

decapitator3969d ago

According to the reports, all the games shown had a solid frame rate so thats good news.

Massacre3969d ago

Great news. I am interested. Apple show me more.

Marceles3969d ago

Hell yeah finally. That's when I'll really start to love my iphone when the apps and games come.

decapitator3969d ago

As I happy as I am about the inclusion of all these new features, won' that put too much strain on the batteries though ?

Kholinar3969d ago

I'd imagine it'll probably be about like watching movies on the device. Maybe slightly more battery intensive...

Still, they commented that it's a 3-axis accelerometer... which means a lot is possible. Basically a wii-mote in a handheld...

Marceles3969d ago

i dont think it'll put anymore strain on the battery than it already has now. Ipod touch already has apps and games so I don't see a bigger difference in the iphone's performance as well.

decapitator3969d ago

Oh Ok. I will take your word for it. Thanks for the reply.

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PS360WII3969d ago

Yeah very cool to see the iPhone getting such lovin ^^