Device converts controller rumble to electric shocks

Using a special controller converter (pictured) and a series of five adhesive pads, the V5 sends force-feedback activated shocks that the web site compares to those of a muscle toning machine. While the device will work with practically any game, the site recommends using it to enhance fighters and first-person shooters (just be sure to stay away from Rez)

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TheHater3972d ago

I would love to have this when I am playing Super Stardust HD, and when I am high. LOL....I am actually serious.

Exhaust3972d ago


This actually sounds kind of interesting. You'll REALLY know when you're hit with this device. I'll have to check it out.

I can see big brothers holding their little brothers down and zapping them in the face with this thing for fun. "Hey look at his face twitch!"