Guitar Hero III Modern Metal Pack

New downloadable songs for Activision Inc.'s Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock are set to storm living rooms across the globe with the release of two new track packs.

Available today is the Modern Metal pack which let's players jam to master recordings of Deftones' "Hole in the Earth," Avenged Sevenfold's "Almost Easy" and Thrice's "The Arsonist."

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GodsHand3975d ago

Cool news, and also a free track pak for St. Patties Day.

AceLuby3975d ago

Having only metal and rock for Rock Band / Guitar Hero is racist...

MikeD1593975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

wheres Tool?

i want cold and ugly by tool

Daver3975d ago

i agree there should be some tool cuz they rock!!! but i doubt it... tool dont want to put their music in a video game lol

giososc3975d ago

word, avenged sevenfold is awesome. Almost Easy is a great song (as well all their other songs). I'm actually gonna see them live next week!

f1r3waII K1LL3r3975d ago

Why almost easy though? afterlife is the best song on the album, listen to the guitar solo its the sickest thing I have ever heard in my life, I would love to try that song on expert.

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The story is too old to be commented.