The Real Life Heavenly Sword

Ever wanted a Heavenly Sword of your own? Well a member of GameGrep has made just that. Made in a wood shop in school, the only drawback of the sword is that its made from wood as opposed to metal.

"Instead of making some stupid cabinet or a DVD shelf like the rest of the class, I decided to make something a little more original. I decided upon making the sword with a lot of people saying I won't be able to make it(proved them wrong ;)).

The sword is about 3 feet long and about 1 and a half feet high. To my surprise and others, the sword barely weighs anything. Light as a feather, Feather that can kill."

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kornbeaner3968d ago

Looks pretty sweet for a wooden sword.

issa30323968d ago

That sword is badass. The effort and attention to detail you put in is amazing. We should alert Ninja Theory about your awesome sword. I'm sure they'd be very proud.

kornbeaner3968d ago

Hopefully they won't try to pull an EPIC/MS and make him break the sword for copyright infringement.

Krash4203968d ago

Just to note that it's not actually me that created it but a well known acquaintance of mine (Linkin Park Fan from Neoseeker), and yeh it really is amazing.

Winters893968d ago

I like this sword better..

CrazedFiend3968d ago

You just like it 'cause Nariko's attached to it. least that's why I like it (^o^)b

Kakkoii3968d ago

Wow...Are you people blind?

This attempt it a real half assed one.

He didn't pay any attention to the actual sword dimensions. All he did was try to replicate the design a bit, which he even failed at there.

He should have done a scale reference using a picture of the girl holding the sword in-game. Cause that wooden sword is very disfigured, it's a disgrace to the Heavenly sword lol.

Also, he should learn what Sandpaper is and start using it...

CrazedFiend3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

please shut up!

The kid put a lot of heart and effort into that. There's NO way that was half-assed. Never mind the limited time he had for doing it as a class project, not everyone is a gifted artist or wood worker like I'm guessing you must be.

So let's see the picture of the Heavenly Sword that YOU made.
I'm sure it's a true masterpiece (@[email protected])...

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