Capcom dismisses Resident Evil 5 date rumours

Eurogamer writes:

"Capcom has distanced itself from speculation that Resident Evil 5 will be released in October.

The rumours emerged from reports in Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine and website PSU. However, Capcom has since restated that it has yet to put a date on the game.

That also reflects retail scepticism that Capcom would release Resi 5 in October when it would be up against heavyweight sequel Gears of War 2.

Financial results have previously pointed to Resident Evil 5 being released this year, but an early 2009 date would be less than surprising than a Walrus."

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NoUseMerc3931d ago

I highly doubt Gears of War 2 will ship in November. I heard it from Mark Rein himself...and he seemed skeptical on Gears actually making that date.

Anyways, it sounds like Capcom will be back and forth on the date until they officially announce it, but I would almost put money on it that RE5 comes out this Fall-Early Holidays...

ChaosKnight3931d ago

"but an early 2009 date would be less than surprising than a Walrus." Uhhh does that even make any sense?

In any case... I can see it coming out early next year... Capcom seems to enjoy it (DMC4, RE4, DMC2, etc.)

monkey6023931d ago

I'd pick Resi 5 over Gears 2 any day. And I'm looking forward to Gears 2.

But like you wouldnt guess that by the avatar anyway

ChrisGTR13931d ago

alone in dark 5 is gonna keep me buisy till this games out

arakouftaian3930d ago

yeap a ps3 exclusive aaa title is on the way 4 the ps3

angel6043930d ago

i hope your joking, didnt capcom say themselves they are going more multiplatform i.e dmc4.. Unless sony would pay mega millions then i dont ever see that happening

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