Burnout Paradise played by 50,000 people online in last 24 hours

Speaking to VG247, Criterion's Alex Ward has confirmed that 50,000 people have played Burnout Paradise online over both systems in the past 24 hours.

"In the past 24 hours we've had 50,000 people play Burnout Paradise online on both systems," Ward told the site. "If they only stayed online for one hour each on average (and most stayed for more than that), there will be have been over FIVE AND A HALF YEARS of play online in Paradise City in the last 24 hours."

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Joey Gladstone3974d ago

I refused to believe that a Game as Great as Burnout Paradise would go on being ignored, and overlooked by the gaming community...
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

DarkSniper3974d ago

One thing is for sure, those who do not have a hard drive for their Red Light 360 console is not part of the 50,000 population.


InYourMom3974d ago

I know you are used to the inferior PSN, but you do know that all games on the 360 are "Live aware" and even if someone without a hard drive was playing single player and not online MP they could still be counted.

Not sure if they counted them but just so you know.

toughNAME3974d ago

But I'm so proud of fellow 360 owners for not falling for the hype. As far as I know B:P has never made it into the top 10 most played games on LIVE.

I guess a couple people actually read and agreed with my review :P

InYourMom3974d ago

I don't like the new game at all and the fact they dumped an inferior port on the 360 seals the deal that I will never purchase it.

It's getting very little play on Live.

toughNAME3974d ago

you may want to read my more time

reviewers hailed this game as a masterpiece and the best of the Burnout series

MY review, my opinion, said the exact opposite

Apokalypsis3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

to me both toughNAME and InYourMom sound a little resentful at the fact that the game was labeled as "inferior" by others and never gave it a chance to see how Great of a game it was, especially since the "inferiority" part is no ones to blame but Microsofts due to the lack of a Hard Drive. Be TRUE GAMERS and form your OWN opinions, you dont always have to be biased or persuaded by others opinions.

Violater3974d ago

Its called bitter tears.

PSWe603974d ago

they're both bitter because they can't stand the fact that an "inferior" online serive hasn't had any technical problems whereas X-Box LIVE has gone down several times and the infamous RRoD still haunts these fanboys

v1c1ous3974d ago

the christmas issues were the only time xbox live had issues in the 5 years it was up. get your facts straight.

i guess fanboy dribble is present from all console sides.

poopface13974d ago

The fact taht core has no harddrive has nothing to do with the fact this game "failed." It has everything to do with thenm completly changing the game. Im sure alot of people, like me, didnt like the open world and no crash mode. I liked the old burnouts cause you just race and look for shortcuts, not have to worry about directions. I really dont like the fact taht you cant just restart a race either, cause in burnout 3 and 4 I used RESTART alot.

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ikiru33853974d ago

fanboys can argue all they want. burnout was a pretty good game. now bring on GT5!!! :-)

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