Gears Of War Teaser trailers

Here are all the Gears of War pre-launch teaser trailers.

"Teaser Trailer: Sera"

"Teaser: locusts"

"Teaser Trailer: Marcus"

"Teaser Trailer: Jacinto"

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Scythesean5899d ago

i see so much CGI and not enough gameplay in these trailers. Everytime I see a trailer it's just CGI and don't tell me it's ingame when it's scripted stuff going on that the play has no control over. Also you can tell the differance between the gameplay and CGI moments, but whatever I know I'm talking to deaf ears. Later

Ravenator5295899d ago

If you want to see gameplay, there are TONS of movies on gameplay.

And no, its obviously not CGI gameplay, BUT the gameplay looks incredible!

Trust me, if you are looking for negative respones, they will be coming very soon!

TheMART5899d ago (Edited 5899d ago )

haha come on!!!

SP has come by ingame so often you should even have seen it with your eyes closed!

And here is your link for 10 great MP video's!
And now shut up please

ps some more SP video's added including X06 demo onstage!

Mikey_Gee5899d ago (Edited 5899d ago )


Do you even know what CGI IS ??

CGI is all pre-rendered ... many games this gen have CUT SCENES .. but they are generated in REAL TIME ... that is not CGI

As was suggested, look at any of the current GAMEPLAY VIDEO of this game and it is all to clear how killer this game will look.

Rather than the story being about killing Locusts ... it should be about killing the infestation of "FANBOYS" with horse-blinders on that polute and destroy these type of sites and forums.



And before you even say anthing ... for the E3 DEMO the game is on a very easy setting ... not much fun having a room watching you restart a level OVER and OVER again.

At 6:01 is cuts to a CUT SEEN ... you do not control this cutscene, but it is not CGI ... it is being generated on the fly.

And this way in MAY .. it has been polished even more since then.

PS360PCROCKS5899d ago

Wow guys give him a break he is right that it's all pre rendered for these trailers, but at the same time, dude these are mainly to show you the storyline of the game, not the gameplay, like everyone else said their are tons of gameplay videos out their, their not exactly hiding it from us