IGN: Beautiful Katamari AU Review

IGN AU writes: Beautiful Katamari is all about the rolling process – simply because that's just about all there is to the whole game. It's your sole task, and as such, it needs to be a lot of fun and work really well. Mostly, Beautiful Katamari succeeds on both counts. Unfortunately, it also falls victim to rush-job porting process and gimped content, thanks to the developer's decision to leave portions of the game off-limits unless you fork out for Xbox Live Marketplace DLC.

So what new features actually make Beautiful Katamari worthwhile? There's a fresh emphasis on online multiplayer, leader boards and stat-tracking that is refreshing. One of the strangest parts of We Love Katamari was the co-operative two-player mode, where you can co-ordinate your movement across two control pads, rather than with two separate rolling katamaris. This mode is back – and you can continue to ignore it, really. It's pretty much as frustrating and ultimately pointless as it ever was. The real multiplayer draw-card is the Battle mode (also available in online, four-player flavour), where you compete for the highest total of items rolled up while also trying to bash into your opponent, knocking their collection off.

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