GTA IV Preview from PSM (US) April 2008 Issue

With PlayStation Magazine's new preview of GTA IV comes a new screenshot of Niko in the subway and these extra details.

* Pedestrians seemingly have thousands of lines of dialogue
* When asked about how the game begins, VP of development Jeronimo Barrera says, "It sets up your position as an immigrant."
* The cast of characters is guesstimated at being in the hundreds by Barrera.
* Barrera states "We want this game to last for years. I'm sure we'll do another GTA some time in the future, but this one is built to last." They also mention that the PS3 will most likely have their own form of DLC as well.
* Any problems with the PS3 version have been addressed and fixed. Sony tech. was there to help.
* The euphoria engine goes as far as Niko actually stepping up onto a curb and onto a dead body (think Captain Morgan's pose).
* Shots can penetrate some walls.
* Knife: "one slash across the face was enough to drop a bad guy"
* Firetrucks are confirmed. In the preview they state that they set a car on fire, called 911 for a firetruck, and when the firetruck arrived they stole it and drove down the street shooting the water cannon.

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TheExecutive3975d ago

Sounds great! I am glad Sony got involved with the development of this game. Its a sigh of relief that all the technical issues have been resolved.

Although the ps3 may not have the amount of DLC that the 360 will have it sounds like a massive enough game where I think I will stick to the ps3 version for the controller and just plain ol' nostalgia. 85+ hours of gameplay is enough for me. There are too many games to play and not enough time!

I am not discrediting the DLC either. I think its a great addition to the 360 lineup but I think the core gameplay will be enough. Oh, plus the 10+ hours of driving around and killing random sh!t for no apparent reason.

ikiru33853975d ago

absolutely! ps3 version and day one purchase for me. period.

Silellak3975d ago

Out of curiosity, what does the PS3 version add to "nostalgia" other than use of a PS2-style controller?

I don't ask to be a jerk, I'm just honestly curious what you mean by that.

Ru3975d ago

Well as far as I believe the nostalgia is in the game not the platform
And as much as I see the extra content as a big perk for the 360 I would have to say if I could not afford owning both consoles and already had a PS3 I would just buy it on PS3...

Thankfully I own both so I will pick up the game with more content it wouldn't make any sense to me not too.

Figboy3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

the first time i played a GTA game was back in 1997, when the first GTA game came out.

i had just turned 18 and got it on my Playstation. it was the first time i set foot in Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.

fast forward some, and i eagerly picked up GTA III for my Playstation 2. it was the second time i entered Liberty City, and i was blown away. Vice City and San Andreas soon followed.

now here we are, and i'm poised to set foot in Liberty City for the *THIRD time, once again on a Playstation console.

for me, personally, it's simply tradition.

imagine, if you will, that a game like Halo suddenly went to the Playstation (not gonna happen, but it's a hypothetical). i guarantee that just about every Halo fan out there would still buy the X Box version, just because, well, the series was *BORN on the X Box. i wouldn't blame them, personally.

for millions of gamers out there, the Grand Theft Auto (and even the Metal Gear Solid series), are "Playstation franchises," and to them, it always will be, despite it's multi-platform leanings (note; i *KNOW that the Metal Gear series started waaaaay back when on the MSX, then moved to the NES, but i'm specifically referring to the Metal Gear *SOLID series, which debuted on the PS1).

i don't think it comes from an area of fanboyism, just, honestly, *NOSTALGIA.

for me, this will be the third generation of GTA games, and they'll have been experienced on Playstation consoles.

while i think DLC is nice for the 360 version, it's not enough to sway me to pick it up on my 360. hell, the only GTA i've ever beaten was 3 (i never beat the original, or it's sequels, i never beat Vice City, and i'm working to beat San Andreas before IV comes out, but i don't think i'll be able to). the games have plenty enough to do without adding even *MORE pressure on me with DLC. besides, i have Haze coming out in May, Metal Gear Solid 4 in June, possibly Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, and Infamous in July, August, and September, and Resistance 2 sometime in November, not to mention the *PLETHORA of other games coming to the PS3 this year, both exclusive and multi-platform, GTAIV just won't be able to monopolize my time this year.

i hope that helps answer your question a bit.

Exhaust3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Seriously how does "nostalgia" have anything to do with the platform. The controller layout will be the same so theres a little difference except in the SHAPE of the controller? I know some people love PS3 or 360 controller over the other but I'm a gamer both work fine for me both have ups and downs.

All "nostalgia" resides in the game content itself unless you're already super loyal to the platform brand.

If you love GTA more than you love your platform or if you own both platforms you'll get the 360 version because of the DLC no question. Only blind brand loyalty would change that.

This comes from someone that loves GTA so much that I'm still gameflying the PS3 version. May buy it too if it gets it own exclusive content.

Even though every single GTA game I've played and owned were on Playstation platforms I'm still getting it on 360 for the extra content. I want every bit of content I can get and the shape of the controller and console I put the disk into isn't going to change that. Also you said you only beat one GTA game... You're missing out. The endings are great especially Vice City.

Figboy3974d ago

i didn't say i've never *SEEN the endings of GTA games, just that i've never *BEAT the GTA games outside of the third (i've seen my friends beat Vice City, and i'm going to beat San Andreas myself, hopefully before GTAIV hits).

i don't see what's to argue about. LOTS of people are going to buy GTA on the PS3 because of nostalgia, or "tradition." some *WON'T.

my roommate is a manager at Gamestop, and he's told me that their pre-orders for GTAIV are more on the PS3 than the 360. a few weeks before, it was the other way around.

like i said, some people view GTA as a "Playstation franchise," not to mention a lot of average consumers (ie, the folks that *DON'T visit sites like this every day), probably don't even *KNOW ABOUT the extra content on the 360 version.

extra content won't suddenly make GTAIV more awesome than it already will be. it's just a nice bonus for hardcore fans to enjoy.

a *LOT of people barely even tackle the stories in the GTA games, and just roam around doing stuff.

it's a difference of opinion, and neither is wrong. some folks will get it on 360, some folks will get it on PS3. their reasonings behind it aren't important, honestly. end of story.

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enigmaticheretic3975d ago

Can not wait one for one of the best games of 2008

whoelse3975d ago

So if the PS3 gets DLC content too, then the exclusive 360 content will not be as valuable. For instance, the 360 could get 5 episodes, while the PS3 gets 3. Not such a big deal as 2 for 360 and 0 for PS3.

Kleptic3975d ago

people have been saying that all along...Rockstar said the 360 gets 'exclusive' DLC...never the the PS3 doesn't get any DLC, just that it won't get the same stuff as the what the 360 is getting...

in either case though...I personally don't care...I can almost guarantee that if I ever do 100% finish another GTA III+ game (only one I did was GTA III, came real close with Vice city except for some side mission stuff...and SA...screw that, way too much crap to do), I am pretty positive that I won't be looking for more to do with the game...

who knows...probably also depends on how well the DLC sells on the 360...if only a small percentage even bothers to do it, they may not even bother with it for the PS3...but knowing 360 owners, or at least some of them on this site, they buy absolutely everything thrown at least they sales for the DLC will probably be pretty good...

enigmaticheretic3975d ago

I wonder how there going to do that when the M$ has a contract for the DLC

jwatt3975d ago

It's exclusive dlc, the ps3 will get some but not the same as M$.

Snukadaman3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

why does this pic on this story look more washed out then the pic on the original story?

gambare3975d ago

and they added an extra blur effect

brothersimon3975d ago

go figure, it's the ps3. lol

Shaka2K63975d ago

* GTA4 is best played on PS3, superior graphics,sound, gameplay on the superior console with most confortable controler.

* dlc is a huge ripoff and will only add useless time what only xbots that have nothing else to play for 2008 will find interesting.

BrianC62343975d ago

"* dlc is a huge ripoff and will only add useless time what only xbots that have nothing else to play for 2008 will find interesting."

But it says the PS3 version will have its own DLC. Uh oh, what will Xbots say about that? The PS3 version appears to be the version to buy now.

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