Gamedaily: flOw Review

Gamedaily writes: flOw is a one-of-a-kind game experience. What other game provides you with the brutal task of devouring other life forms to survive in such a relaxing, non-demanding manner? The game became a big hit last year on the PlayStation Network by offering SIXAXIS-supported motion controls and simple yet pleasant visuals and sounds. Satisfied with its success, Sony now provides the option of taking the experience anywhere you go on your PSP, with a handheld rendition of flOw. A couple of changes make it a lesser experience overall, but one still worth checking out for the $8 price tag.

With graphics, flOw couldn't look any simpler. There are no fancy backgrounds here, just a solid-colored sea floor where you can barely make out images from the next level down. This introduces some strategy into the game, as you can make out larger enemies and plot out your attack before heading down. The delicate creature animation is stunning, despite the lack of details. As for sound, you've got tranquil sound effects and a soundtrack so easygoing that it would fit right in as the background music of choice on an audio stress program.

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