IGN: Buzz! Quiz TV Hands-On

Buzz! is, of course, the SingStar for the shy and retiring. No embarrassing gusts of vocal horror, no need to dance like an awkward robot during the instrumental sections – just the simple calm of button pushing and the radiant glow of smug superiority. What's more, it's also the only place – outside of a local radio roadshow or supermarket opening – you're likely to spend any extended time with Jason Donovan.

No surprise then, it's a formula that's made a killing for Sony on PS2, with a grand total of eight fast-fingered titles out in the wild as of right now. Now, SCEE is ready to shift the franchise into the future with the imminent arrival of Buzz! Quiz TV on PlayStation 3. Aside from the usual raft of drunken brain-flexing, there are two good reasons why you should care about this latest iteration.

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