What do Bully's technical issues mean for GTA IV

Matt Cundy writes: "While we don't doubt Rockstar's integrity, we have to wonder whether any similar technical issues are only now being identified in the 360 version of GTA IV. If so, could this have any impact on the game's release date? Further more, should owners of older Xbox 360s be concerned that their consoles are going to experience problems when running new games? Will this simply mean more patch fixes or will it require a more drastic solution? Are we getting our panties in a pickle over nothing?"

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ikiru33853975d ago

probably nothing. rest easy 360 owners.

Drekken3975d ago

I hope for the sake of the GTA release date you are right

replikka3975d ago

Are we getting our panties in a pickle over nothing? thats funny lol, GTA will be have issues, but not like bully. bully was a port. GTA is being built from scratch.

Lord Vader3975d ago

Please. I would say I'm pretty unbiased b/c I have both systems & I dont like to flame about either or argue with fanboys... BUT, The Ps3 IS what delayed GTA IV until now, R* HAS admitted that, period. Most vid's I've seen have all been run off 360 hardware - this is a flamebait article, IMHO.

Mark my words, the game will run smoothly on both systems & look virtually identical. An old port has nothing to do with the kind of money & time that has gone into developing GTA IV.

jinn3975d ago

so Bully is getting criticized and nothing about GTA4

brothersimon3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

What a retarded submission.

GTAIV = one of the biggest games, they wont f it up..

Bully is just a port (a great game) least its getting fixed..

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