Videogamer: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Hands-on

Videogamer writes: Rainbow Six Vegas stands up there with Gears of War as a great cover-based shooter. What set it apart in 2006 was the first-person perspective and the press and hold cover system, which allowed you to have almost full situational awareness while pressed against a wall. Vegas 2 is shaping up to be very much the same, but with a handful of new features and tweaked visuals, it's a game every FPS fan should be excited about.

The basics of the game have been carried across from the first game. You once again play as an elite member of team Rainbow and terrorists are up to no good, in Vegas no less - although the game isn't set there for its entirety. You command a small squad of soldiers and move from room to room, fragging and clearing or throwing in a flash bang before taking down the blinded bad guys. It's all very familiar, but no less fun and just as intense as the original game.

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my money is already saved for this