It's Official EB/GS Wii Pre-Orders Friday Oct. 13

See ya friday!

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THELANDSOFSAND6198d ago (Edited 6198d ago )

I love what nintendo is bringing this time, its a reminder of their better times with the nes and snes, but with a revolutionary control system. shame about the sunlight problems, but hey, its called a curtain people!

HyperBear6198d ago

Man what a week. 1st the PS3 hassel, although it was useless for me, and I have confirmation from my EB Games in Canada, that the Wii pre-order that you guys in America get, will also happen in Canada on Friday. Finally something we canadians get to do, that you guys get to do as well. And Finally something I can pre-order for. I heard it will be about 50 bucks. And my store said that there will be plentiful, so i can go after school ,and they will still be taking pre-orders at that time. So now i just need to wait for those assholes(srry bout my language) in America at Gamestop/EB HQ, to set a date for Canadian PS3 Pre-Orders, cause there are only gonna be 4 per store, so Ive got to plan ahead of time. Hurry Up Gamestop. IM WAITING. http://www.thisiswaiting.co... . just for those who are in Europe that want to diss the PS3 some more.

ChickeyCantor6197d ago (Edited 6197d ago )

XD i pre-oderd mine last month........im glad we have a better system :P

Sphinx6197d ago

I know what I'm doing tomorrow... actually, what my wife is doing tomorrow since I work all day; she'll probably be the first person in line to preorder our Wii.

Thanks for the heads up, DarkestHour00!

eepiccolo6197d ago

Great, looks like I'm going to have to try and talk my wife into waiting at the Gamestop to get a pre-order. I wish I had know about this yesterday; I could have bribed her with some ProFlowers...

eepiccolo6197d ago

All of the local Gamestops/EBGames are claiming ignorance, but they said they've been getting a lot of calls about it from other nerds like me. They said they normally find out about this sort of thing in the morning. I just don't want to camp out for nothing...


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