Surfer Girl: Talks about Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, The Sims 3, Wii cheerleading title and more

Surfer Girl writes: A kind person has forwarded the fact sheet for Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (the lack of proofreading in this goes hand in hand with this blog, which more often than not, also lacks proofreading), which can be found below.

ShellShock 2: Blood Trails is a violent, first-person, survival horror game set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War. Gameplay centers on the use of psychological horror and fear, relying on the power of suggestion, mood, tension and foreshadowing - implying the notion of danger, potential danger, imminent danger, and horrifying acts that have or are implied to have occurred or will come to pass. On course for war torn Vietnam, a plane carrying a top-secret cargo known only as Whiteknight is lost over the uncharted jungles of Cambodia. The special ops squad sent in to retrieve it disappear wtihout [sic] trace. Until, a month later, one of them walks out. Something in the darkness has driven him insane... Somehting [sic] from the darkness has followed him out...

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sonarus3972d ago

shellshock 2 another ps3 exclusive:) lol. The first game sucked ballz and Guerilla should probably be focusing their efforts on KZ2 but hey an exclusive is an exclusive plus this one sounds way better than the first and it will most likely be using same engine as KZ2

GCNSeanFoster3972d ago

This was on gamespot weeks ago... why are we still hearing trash from this nobody?

Grahammad3972d ago

I agree, I really hate this Surfer "Girl" and so do a lot of others. I'm not sure why we are still hearing stuff from him but I guess that's what you get on N4G. Either way, assuming IGN has accurate info, Rebellion will be developing Shellschock 2 and not Guerrilla (which is good, because I want Killzone 2 so bad, if they started taking people off of the project I would have been disappointed).

TnS3972d ago

The fact sheet is available on GameSpot...

sonarus3972d ago

oh apparently guerrilla isn't developing so it won't use KZ2 engine and guerrilla doesn't own the license so it won't be exclusive so i no longer care about this game lol

butterfinger3972d ago

Why does this get posted? If anything we should have gamesblow's blogs posted on here so we can get some cold hard facts!

monkey6023972d ago

I loved the first Shellshock. But above says First Person... If thats true then there goes another good game out the F*in window just like conflict. Developers have got to lay off the FPS games there is a great word called Variety, They should try making it.

gambare3972d ago

I never played that game, it was good?

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The story is too old to be commented.