Console Monster: Turok Review

360 Monster writes: Forget what you know about Turok, as this new installment from developer Propaganda Games acts as a total reboot for the dinosaur hunting series.

Gone are the time traveling based Turok games of yore and instead is an all-new sci-fi story based around the lead character, Joseph Turok. This new story is typically Hollywood; interesting in places but obvious in its execution. And although the game may have seen a spot of sheen from the cheesy Hollywood rag, its not all bad, as despite the story being somewhat mundane, and the lines being cringe worthy in places, the game enjoys some superb voice acting talent, and solid sound effects.

Overall Turok is mediocre at best, offering a somewhat engaging experience with impressive sound, average visuals and some solid replayability if achievement hunting is your passion. The dinosaurs save Touchstones effort, from what would have been a very dull FPS without them. Dinosaurs are still cool.

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