Analysis of Americas Sales for the Week Ending March 1, 2008

Jacob Mazel of VGChartz writes: In preparation for Nintendo's latest big offering, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Wiis were in abundant stock this week, leading Nintendo's platforms, DS and Wii, to outsell all other platforms combined (371k to 349k). Unlike previous weeks where Wii had been outsold by Xbox 360 and PS3, Wii outsold both combined, suggesting demand is still there. After a brief spurt ahead of Xbox 360, PS3 sales dipped below Xbox 360 sales again, which had been the trend for months before a recent PS3 uptick, though both platforms remain within 15% of each other this week. In fact with three platforms over 100,000 units this week, this week has almost an early November feel to it in terms of volume, especially when considering that last week only one platform sold over 100,000 units.

There are some interesting trends developing year over year as well. Take a look:

.....3/1/2008....3/3/2007.....YoY Change

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sak5003968d ago

Wow the old beast hits back. Damage control anyone?

Hockey113968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

When the 360 out sells the ps3 worldwide then you can talk.

kevoncox3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Out selling the 360 by 20K a month won't get the LEADER OF LAST GEN ANYWHERE, right?

It will only take Sony 41.666 years to catch up...
I doubt this is Sonys great plan, so lets all STFU because both console manufactors aren't doing what they thought they would be.

vasilisk3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Dude I've seen you post this again. Before you do it once again, first of all you got to learn to distinguish between WEEKLY sales and MONTHLY sales. Second it's closest to 30K not 20k (according to VGchartz and I DON'T trust them after the January fiasco) and that sums up around 120K a month. And last, let's talk again after MGS4 is released because with your simplistic math you assume that all months from now on will be the same as this one...

SmokeyMcBear3968d ago

don't talk about math and logic with kevon.. it will hurt his brain

kevoncox3968d ago

Lets talk logic.

1) Sony out sold Ms for 1 months and it was called the end of the 360.
2) The previous month Sony had been out sold by over 800K ( us alone btw)

3) Who knows what the future brings...I don't care. I care about games. If you don't then you should pick a new hobby. Gaming is not for you. Join a stock market team. Numbers are invloved there too.

Please don't correct me as you've seen to be way off track. YOu mentioned MGS4 as the console moving game. actually if you look at figures GT5 will move more consoels and units than MGS4. Fact. Look it up. There is a reason sony bundled it with the ps2.

Next, you ignore the fact that MS can cut the price of the 360. Do you think that it won't affect the # of consoles sold?


Lets say Sony is outselling Ms world wide by 120,000 consoles a month( its not happening but since you like to live in yoru dream wold we can) It will still take sony 7 years to catch up to the 360 in sales....


PS - owned!!!!

kevoncox3968d ago

Hey smokey-
thanks for adding nothing to this discussion except being some guys sidekick.

vasilisk3968d ago

I order to reply to someone you first need to understand what he's saying.
MS can lower the price and so can Sony but MS can't have MGS4 or GT5, so I don't see your point.

I mentioned MGS4 because it's really the FIRST system seller that Sony releases, not because it sells better than GT5. And yes there was a reason that Sony bundled GT4 with PS2, which is the same one why it bundles MGS4 with PS3, get it now or do you need further elaboration?

And finally, I wasn't the one that mentioned the 20K a week from VGchartz, which was actually 30K week, then mixed it up with monthly sales and then says that it's not happening.

So lesson one, first READ carefully the story, then READ carefully the comments and then after you are 100% sure that you understood then and only then reply and don't change your story because it doesn't suit you...

Nuch Vader3968d ago


If I'm not mistaken, the Xbox 360 does have a larger user base world wide than Playstation 3 by about 7 million. However, the subject matter here is American sales.

kevoncox3968d ago

I'm out of bubble...
But Man, just stop. You're not making any sense.
The Ps3 has only recently been outselling the 360 world wide.
Last month it finally outsold the 360 in NA. However, it has been out sellign the 360 world wide around 20K units in for the month.

If you believe different, please show me the link that shows Ps3 sales 160K above xbox sales per month....

Your other argument about MGS4 moving consoles is idiotic. Your logic is Sony can always drop the price of the ps3. WHat world do you live in that dropping the price of a console is always a viable option. 3 price drops in 1.5 years is remarkable. Lol, Why don't they just give them away for free.

BTW, which moves more units a AAA game, or a price drop? Think back to last year, how many units did Uncharted move? R&C??? Guess we should STFU about AAA titles moving units until they move them huh?

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gabeh10183968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

i will never understand why people care so much about sales numbers, each console is going to keep on selling.

each console has it pros + cons, and exclusives

just be happy and stop caring about something so trivial as 70,000 unITS

before the internet arrived, I didn't realize there were so many insecure people....

Kleptic3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )


Bazookajoe_833968d ago

Those who disagrees could you give me a link that proves that this guy or bush has ever gotten anything right? Lol, im funny =)

The Killer3968d ago

most probably ps3 sold more than xbugs!!

tidus0073968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Definitely the PS3 outsold the X360 in February,2008.

MS execs now talk about LIVE only seeing that their sales advantage in USA has also disappeared

SONY execs are ushaering with confident words of SOLID SALES.

Hopefully 08 February will see the VGCHARTZ for the last time on N4G


killer_trap3968d ago

i wouldn't hold my breath for it. vcharts will be the only source to quote sales from until another reliable one is found. just take it as it is, an estimate nothing more nothing less.

tidus0073968d ago

It could even be 2:1 .

We will wait for NPD. Blu Ray victory ,DMC4 and MGS4 revealtion might have sparked ps3 sales to over 500,000.

Like i said we will see in 2 days time. On a point of notice just look at the calm in the MS camp.They are quiet cuz they know it is over. There were no x360 shortages in FEBRUARY so spinning wont do.

Hopefully this week sees the END OF VGCHARTZ on N4G

GiantEnemyCrab3968d ago

The fluke of the PS3 for January is now over. All the Sony fishheads lining up to proclaim victory and the death of the 360 are now firmly eating their own words (with a side of eggroll and rice).

This is truly a downward trend that will continue and will force Sony into another desperate price drop which if it didn't have in the first place it would be sitting at the bottom. Oh wait, it still is at the bottom.

Kaz I'm coming for you!!! Massive Damage!

*This message is brought to you by the Giant Enemy Crab foundation who wholeheartly supports the best gaming console this generation the Xbox 360.

ruibing3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Well if you ignore the fact that January didn't even feature any of the PS3's real 2008 lineup, then yeah that sure was a nice fluke.

And you really should stop trying to relate Sony and the PS3 to Japanese/Asian stereotypes. Being one myself, it's kind of offensive; there are better ways to support the 360.

tidus0073968d ago

Expect PS3 to outsell the X360 not by a SMALL margin.

It could even be 2:1 or more

In 2 days you XTARD and VG will be totally SHUT

LOL haaaaaaaaaaaaa "x360 best gaming console"---------haaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

You mean best RROD TRASH BOX 3 FIX ME?

smokeb43968d ago

you would u gaint xbot crab

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