GT5 Prologue additions confirmed for Europe, but no fixed date


"It's still just down as 'March' with no definite date, according to SCEE, but the European version of GT5 Prologue will include six tracks, 71 cars, split-screen, Drift Mode, access to "Gran Turismo TV" and tuning."

Note, this is the European version of the game, not the US version previously detailed today.

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EZCheez3974d ago

Even though that's exactly what it is, this game deserves to be called something different because it's really shaping up to be worthy of $40. The name alone seems to turn people off from buying it because it's not the entire game.

I just hate that a lot of people aren't going to be buying it because it's not the full version. I see where they are coming from, but I can't wait what could be another year for the full package. I need some GT action on my PS3 in all of it's 1080p glory.

sonarus3974d ago

Word of mouth will take care of that. Once people see how great the game is to play they will surrender their cash. I am glad you all Europeans are getting the additional content as well even though you don't deserve it for getting a sooner release date than we did :) lol j/p but i am glad GT will be getting split screen. Lack of split screen was becoming a trend. At this point i can say my faith in sony has been restored as they are finally pulling their weight and satisfying my gaming needs

barom3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

ops nvm.

patlike3974d ago

there's a hell of a lot in there for a "preview". Online racing, 71 cars, six tracks, tuning, etc. Far more than I thought there was going to be.

TheExecutive3973d ago

split-screen, online, 6 tracks (12 if you count reversing the tracks), and 71 cars??? sold.

achira3973d ago

you see. the same thing i said. i will buy this game now in the eu.

resistance1003973d ago

God dam it ¬_¬

Im going to have to get the PAL version of this game aswell. 40 Cars on No top gear on the Jap version won't cut it for me once this is released

xsteinbachx3973d ago

It still ticks me off that this is still a glorified pay to play Demo. To my dismay I'll cave, and pick this up anyways.

Meus Renaissance3973d ago

What exactly about it is a demo?

xsteinbachx3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

The fact that this still isn't a full game because that's being released next year? or the year after? one or the other.


I quite possibly could be wrong if so please clear things up with me.

TheExecutive3973d ago

well it is still slated for this winter but it will possibly come next year, but not '10.

Plus this is something in the middle from a full game and a demo. I would have still liked to see it priced at 30 bucks.

Blademask3973d ago

"Glorified demo"

I was going to write some huge thing about why GT5P isn't a demo, but why bother. You have to earn the right to enjoy the world of Gran Turismo. Its bigger than just another driving title that comes out. Its the reason all other driving titles exist. hell its the reason the USA has certain cars as well in real life.

Enjoy Forza2. Gran Turismo isn't for you. I'm just amazed that the fact that people will pay just to get a taste of this game doesn't suspend your ideas of it being just a "glorified demo." No its not because the PS3 has no games, because there was a prologue for the previous version as well.

As far as enjoyment level, GT5p is no different than any of the other GT titles, just needs more cars/tracks and whatever else polyphony has under their sleeve. I'm sorry but I dont think you can enjoy it for what it is. You will be crying over your hard earned 40 dollars, that would probably have be blown on weed or beer in a month anyway.

xsteinbachx3973d ago

So you speak to me as if i own an xbox, if you weren't such a Fanboy smack tard you'd realize that i only have a ps3. I even own the Grand Turismo 4, and have played 3 on countless ocassoins. You really have to get your Fanboy head out of your Fanboy @ss, and breath some air before you blow another gasket because someone disagrees on another companies idea of marketing. I even stated that I'd pickup the dam game. Christ have another hernia.

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