Internet Explorer 8 beta: Unexciting

Bill and the Boyz have released the first beta of their Internet Explorer 8.

Do people still use IE?

Looks like and, "In this early version, IE 8 is not an upgrade that's going to bowl you over with amazing new functionality," says PC World, going on:

"Microsoft is touting its better compliance with Web standards. (Shouldn't the world's dominant browser already be super-compatible with the Web?) It says that IE now recovers from crashes more gracefully. (Wouldn't it be nicer if it didn't crash?) A feature called Activities lets developers add functionality to IE in a way that doesn't seem radically different from things clever sites have done for years with plain ol' bookmark buttons; Web Slices, which let sites create widgety little snippets of information that you can view by clicking a bookmark button, are kind of interesting–but they'll only take off if they're widely supported by major sites, and they're not radically different from Apple's Web Clip feature in Safari, which works with all Web pages, not just ones designed to support it.

"IE 8, in other words, may turn out to be an improvement on IE 7…but it would appear to be a minor upgrade".

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decapitator3970d ago

First Vista, now this ? Microsoft need to start fixing their things. here is to hoping they iron out bugs before release.

decapitator3970d ago

Troll? what are you talking about ?

Xeikon3970d ago

Internet Explorer is the best web browser.

decapitator3970d ago

Were you been sarcastic ? Hope so.

Marty83703970d ago

Firefox is best web browser period, Internet Explorer is utter crap.

wageslave3970d ago

Oh, hello fanboy troll.

They are asking for you ->

PR0NE3970d ago

ie needs much work, i hope microsoft can improve it, that will push the competition between it and firefox, thus giving us a better product, well firefox is way more better now, but if ms can push ie further, maybe then mozilla will create a way to stop firefox from hogging pc resources, but personally, i say this problem doesn't matter, because pc's are getting bigger ram memory and who would, for example, watch a movie on a player, while surfing the internet?
anyway, the enhancements on ie has been cosmetical, but firefox can offer more with some great themes, and there are some other mozilla based browsers that blows the water of ie in the looks, see "flock" for example...

Kholinar3970d ago

Looks like Mozilla developers have actually patched a ton of memory leaks with 3.0. So that's a good thing. I'd disagree about the RAM thing though. If I'm browsing and multi-tasking to photoshop at my job, I don't want Firefox taking resources that other, more vital programs could be using, regardless of whether I have 16gb of RAM or 256mb.

As for the article. I could care less if 8.0 is boring. What we need is a browser that Joe User uses by default that doesn't break the entire internet for designers. I'll cheer MS on for this, though I'll never use it for anything other than testing. It makes it much easier to write html and css and have it work without some ugly IE fix.

PR0NE3970d ago

yeah, i agree with you... m$ fix the ie, i don't want make to make dirty hacks to make my theme display work properly on the ie

BloodySinner3970d ago

Mediocrity at its finest.

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The story is too old to be commented.