Xbox World 360 previews Ninja Gaiden 2

Director Tomonobu Itagaki wants to make every duel feel like a struggle; like a matter of life and death. So, yes, there's blood all right. Armed with an array of vicious weapons, including a giant scythe and a set of metallic claws that would give Wolverine the brewer's droop, Ryu is able to incapacitate his enemies by slicing their limbs right off, or go for an instant kill via decapitation.

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green3972d ago

seriously cant wait for this game.This is going to be one hell of an adventure game.

wow4u3972d ago

I concur, this is a pre-order game for sure.

kewlkat0073972d ago

I wish the story was better developed. I guess, I like a good challenge in games, so this is a must buy.

I wonder if this is a title that might make Sigma lovers get the Box. regardless you can still play it on a friend's machine.

wow4u3972d ago

Exactly. This is going to be a "must have" experience. I dont think many gamers are goign to scoff at this when we finally get it in our hands.

This title is looking like it may be a serious GotY candidate.

jinn3971d ago

if DMC4 was bad then this is likely worse