Don't Worry, Blizzard Isn't Dumbing Down World of Warcraft

So, as a World of Warcraft player and a person who follows the gaming world fairly closely, I tend to read a lot of forums. With the upcoming 2.4 content patch currently on the Public Test Realms (hereafter referred to as PTR), the WoW Test Realm Forum (found here) is a great place to see how players are liking the upcoming content and class changes.

Judging from the forum posts I have seen, one of the more controversial changes coming in the 2.4 patch is the removal of attunements for the Mount Hyjal and Black Temple 25-man raid instances, and the introduction of gear that can be purchased with Badges of Justice that is on par with Hyjal/Black Temple drops. At first glance, the non-MMO player would wonder why this, of all things, would be a point of contention. Personally, I wonder what mindset makes players think this is a bad idea.

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kingjkv3968d ago

Honestly i don't spend freakin 50 days playing time with one char, come on gimme a break, i pay 15$ to experience what wow has to deliver, meaning i play with all 8 chars (did not start a druid)and try to build on them. Right now my ally is 70 so i have the experience of a lvl 70, and y horde is 64, now i'm working on my mage ally she's 30, and on my lock horde who is 29 and the other 4 is spread out horde and ally. I play the game to play with all chars and not just one. I understand that people put their time onto raiding, but honesly how many of those players who are BT attuned have more than 2 chars that are lvl 70?? Very rare, close to none. Oh btw i just started to play this game august of last year.

If i were to play with one char and go all the way to BT and getting the gear that i want would take a lot of time, and i would've never started with my other 7 chars. Honestly what Blizz was thinking is that players should be rewarded for their heroic dungeon mode rather than playing countless hours with one char. That was one of the reason they dropped the exp needed and quest exp higher (in patch 2.3) so that players would have more than 2 chars. After the 2.4 i guarantee u that accounts will have an average of 4 players.

Lotto3968d ago

" BT attuned have more than 2 chars that are lvl 70?? Very rare, close to none" Are you kidding me?
I cleared BT a long time ago. I been in alot of guilds and in almost every one of them the hardcore ppl have had a ton of alts. A year or two ago a officer in my guild at that time had 7 lvl 60s. My gm atm has 2 lvl 70 warriors 1 lvl 70 priest and a lvl 70 warlock. I got 1 lvl 70 and 2 lvl 60. Most of my friends and the ones in high guilds that I know have more then one lvl 70

Sprudling3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Having more than 1 character at level 70 is practically a must when playing in a hardcore raiding guild. The reason is simply because there isn't enough dungeons to raid all the time. At the moment, 7 hours a week is all it takes to clear Black Temple and Mount Hyjal, and everything else simply isn't hard (read: fun) enough when all you wear is purples from those dungeons. When not raiding, the raiding character is basically good for nothing except idling in Shattrath while chatting with friends.

The exception is PvP. Purples from Black Temple are no good for that. So you can either PvP or you can play another character, or both =)

cheetorb3968d ago

All I did was read, play my guitar, skate some pools, go to school, work a little, and go camping with my girlfriend, but um...yeah, you go girl.

sumfood4u3968d ago

This game is like Electronic Caffeine or Crack! lol