Xbox Live to launch in Middle East soon?

Word has reached CVG that a big Xbox 360 announcement will be made in the Middle East next week, which could well mean the region's introduction to Xbox Live.

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T_O873908d ago

Nice! i might buy a 360 if this happens

BigKev453908d ago

We don't need you middle easters on xbox live, lol.

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MakgSnake3908d ago

Thank god U.A.E is getting LIVE. So when I go to Dubai or Fujairah, I will have XBOX LIVE there as well. SWEEEET!!!! I am so glad this is happening.

sak5003908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )


I've been using xblive since jun 07. No issues in dubai, cept for having slightly higher ping in some games. Nowadays after the patch COD4 has become much better and I get mostly green or light green bars.

Yes but still good news, now if we can connect locally peer to peer that will be awesome, rather than hearing french or philipina languages.

jinn3908d ago

now we can finally test r skills against Al-Queda

sak5003908d ago

For that my friend you have to go to Afghanistan or Iraq. Here in Dubai u'll mostly find Europeans/Indians/Pakistanis and 50+ more nationalities.

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