Internet Explorer 8: Crash, Restart, Crash

As promised last year, Microsoft has launched the first Internet Explorer 8 beta version, the browser meant to replace IE 7 and to continue the battle for supremacy with Firefox 3.0, currently also in a beta phase. Microsoft promised a load of improvements.

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decapitator3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Man, can Microsoft do anything right anymore ? I hope this thing is still in pre-pre beta because this is just ridiculous. Until they can fix their consoles and softwares, they will keep disappointing consumers.

EDIT: Btw, Firfox FTMFW

CrimsonReLLiK3975d ago

you people and your 'pre-pre beta' 'pre-pre alpha' crap. it's beta 1, meaning the first public beta. the only pre-beta is alpha.
I like firefox and I like IE. I have ran and installed IE8 and used it quite abit. I like the simplicity of IE over FF, but that's my preference. I haven't had any problems or crashes. Things have ran just fine so far. Do I expect problems? yes, it's beta. Beta wasn't designed for every day consumers, only more hardcore users who are willing to take risks...

mighty_douche3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Doesn't sound good. I'm waiting as they said they have a more "public" use beta coming soon and i still want to give it a try myself.

But, right now, I'm using FireFox 3 beta 3, and the ONLY problem i can find is that you don't seem to be able to add a "home" button to the toolbar, the hotkey "ALT + home" does my head in (personal issue really, not modzilla's and an easy fix), oh and a lot of the cool plug-ins aren't compatible (yet).

Kholinar3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

meh... it's a beta. The story strikes me as somewhat opportunistic.

Since the site seems to be down there's no way for me to check their procedures. If anyone has read the article, did they use a large group of computers for testing? Cause that's what beta's for... Some hardware configs won't run at all. There's just no way to tell. If the reporter only tested on a couple, it's really not indicative of IE's quality or lack thereof... *edit* finally got the site to load. Looks like a single install was used to judge. So this really seems like a non-story.

Anyway, I'm just glad to never have to use the bloody thing. In the Mac world there's a lot more choice, from the ones you know on windows (Firefox, Safari, Opera) to fab Mac-only browsers (Shiira, Camino, etc.) so it's more of a decision based on which fab browser I'd like to use today. Generally in the past it's been everything except IE and Firefox... but Firefox has vastly improved and 3.0 looks to be a real competitor with the rest of the Mac browsers.

I am rooting for IE8 though because it seems much more compatible with web standards, which will make the web a much more pleasant place for everyone (especially designers).

Xeikon3975d ago

Internet Explorer is far better than Firefox.

Kholinar3975d ago

I'm going to treat this as a valid comment and ask... what measurement are you using to reach that conclusion.

If it's preference, that's cool, everyone has their own likes. If it's technical, then I'd be very interested in hearing that argument...

DarkSniper3975d ago

The pattern continues. Just like XBOX 360. Crash, Restart, Crash, RED RINGS.


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