Jack Thompson Fires Back at EA, Claims He Has a Client

So by now you've read Electronic Arts stinging dismissal of controversial attorney Jack Thompson's offer to help it acquire Take Two Interactive. GamePolitics just received from Thompson a copy of his response to EA.

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Tempist3969d ago

Is he still going after GTA? This seems like a sure fire way for him to feel justified in getting EA (a less boundary pushing company) to take over the GTA series and essentially disband Rockstar Games.

His infamy will ultimately peg him in the books of gaming history as the man who ruined good gaming under the pretext of 'morals'.

Exhaust3969d ago

He has never been successful in anything other than making himself look crazy.

EA wants nothing to do with him. He doesn't have this threatened "mystery" client either.

The thing thats going to hurt adult gaming (what Jack hates) is gamers themselves accepting censorship. If we stand up to it we'll win. Gamers are growing up. It won't always be old out of touch people running government... They'll probably stay out of touch but atleast won't automatically assume gaming is the devil.

BigKev453969d ago

Give it up Jack Rabbit.

demolitionX3969d ago

Someone please SHUTUP that mental!

Kaz Hirai3969d ago

King Kaz will not tolerate this GIMP for much longer.......


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The story is too old to be commented.