IGN Details Huxley Character Creation and Skills

When you enter an online game with 5000 people in one city and battles that feature 100 players on a side, you had better hope the character creation tool is robust enough to allow you to stand out as an individual. Who wants to look at the same few faces over and over? Nobody, that's who. Nobody wants to have a character that plays exactly like everyone else's either. It doesn't look like this will be a problem in Huxley if the new info and videos we've been supplied are any indication.

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green3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

There is croos-platform interaction.PC and Xbox 360 players can trade items, battle, and quest in their own respective platform worlds.

The 360 version is slated for release 6months after the PC version and its based 50 years ahead of the PC version.

It sounds pretty good with 100v100 players and a good storyline,so this is hopeing it ends up a decent game