eBay Cracks Down on PS3 Auctions

The madness surrounding Xbox 360's launch last year resulted in a mess in the world of online auctioning. Shady buyers and sellers, obnoxious asking prices (with people obnoxious enough to actually pay them) and a general bitterness amongst gamers over the amount of consoles being sold online, rather than in the hands of people who actually wanted them to, you know, play games.

eBay's started to crack down early-on with PlayStation 3 by enforcing their policy of not allowing auctions where the seller cannot guarantee the item will be shipped within 30 days of the auction's closing. Technically, sellers could have their auction last seven days, which would allow them to ship within the 30 day window, but it appears most didn't take this into consideration when listing.

power of Green 6261d ago

I'll just list them in the news paper. lol

OC_MurphysLaw6261d ago

You almost have to wonder just how many people are actually buying a PS3 for themselves and how many are selling them given how nutty the prices get at launch time on ebay.

It just makes the launches seem that much more crazy when you hear the prices on ebay, etc....

Watapata6261d ago

This sort of activity is horrible. I can understand why people will do this, its an easy way to make some money, but eBay and other similar ventures should crack down on this and not allow it period. I know its definitely wishful thinking, but even so. This sort of thing really disgusts me. Affording a PS3 is no concern for me, my internship this summer more than afforded that for me, but I and many other gamers out there would like the opportunity to actually buy our consoles at a fair price (in comparison, not looking for debates on retail cost right now). As it is, the money I had put aside for a PS3 will likely soon be going to a 360, with a PS3 following when I can actually find one in retail. I don't have the time with my courses to spend sitting outside a store for launch. Something needs to be done about the vultures circling in during every hardware launch these days...

ScorpioKyle6261d ago

i agree with you on that. but sometimes the greed bites the people in the butt. last year i read a news story about a group of young guys who camped out when Best Buy got their 2nd shipment of 360s in and they bought on a pop and tried to sell them at a hundred dollar markup to people in line. no one bought them, so they went across the street to mcdonalds to have breakfast and left the youngest guy in the van to watch the systems.

2 guys who saw them trying to sell them, went up, stuck a gun in the kids face and stole all 5 systems from him.

Grown Folks Talk6261d ago

dumb@sses quit buying them for 2,3x their worth online, people would stop doing it. i know if i can get someone to pay me triple what something is worth, i'm all for it.

THE TRUTH6261d ago

Going to get worst and if eBay cracks down on these types of things another site will surely replace them. The Truth is this is the American way, supply and demand and while the true gamers will suffer it WILL be an self inflicted pain! Personally I would rather take off work and get up early to wait outside a big electronic store (after verifing the exact amounts of units they would have) then pay an ridiculous high price and have to wait for shippment, but that's me.

Yes this trend is bad for gamers but only for the ones that have no patients and like to waste money. And to be fair I am going to sell my launch PS3 for 3 reasons

1. Buy for 600 sell for 3Xs more is a deal I just can't pass away on

2. After the problems with the 360 launch console, if much rather wait til later shipments

3. Games, I own a 360 a PS2 and will possibly buy a wii, with games like GOW, marvel alliance, PSU, zelda, god of war 2, okami, FF12 reither just released or on the horizion I won't be too bored while I wait to get my PS3 around March when games like Heavenly Sword, fatial eternia, and AC will be out

Watapata6261d ago

As I said, I can definitely understand it, I just have a VERY strong aversion to it. It upset me with the 360 launch, and unfortunately I understand its going to continue to upset me with every hardware launch unless something is eventually done about it. As I said, I'm likely picking up a 360 in the mean time, which I'm sure I'll enjoy and everything, I'll have no trouble waiting. The entire concept of, for all practical purposes, feeding off the desperate I find revolting however...Its more the people who buy a piece of hardware with the explicit intention of never enjoying it and just selling it to rip someone off taht really irritates me...

Mikey_Gee6261d ago


They cannot police some items and not others.

If I have an item I want to sell (PS3) and someone out there want to buy it ..... ebay should let the transaction happen.

IF THEY DO NOT ..... they will have to put forth a HUGE POLICIING of other items as well.

ScorpioKyle6261d ago

i think the thing they really need to crackdown are the fake ones. Like last year all the stories of people listing a "360" but hidden deep within all the crap and specs they post, the part saying it is just the box or a picture of the system.

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