"Its Sad That Games like Wiifit sell" - Valkyria (PS3) Producer

An exclusive interview conducted by gc-navi.jap with a producer who worked on Valkyria for PS3. When asked what he thinks about the game industry he replied:

"Interviewer: Tell us about your take of the future of the game industry..?

Nishino: There is a problem with the platforms .. I feel confused that games like Wii Fit sell.. They aren't games.. I did make some casual titles too.. But really.. Wii Fit and Wii Sports should be the gateway for the nongamers.. But ultimately they should play proper games like Valkyria Chronicles."


--Finally, please tell us your thoughts about the gaming industry; present and future.

Nishino: First off, there's the issue of what is happening with game hardware. Looking at "Wii Fit", that isn't in the realm of games anymore. I have mixed feelings when these types of titles end up being top sellers. I used to develop casual titles and would like to see said titles to be a catalyst for converting casual gamers to mainstream gamers. In the end, though, I would really like to see casual gamers try titles games which can be classified as games, such as "Valkyria Chroniles".

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conjurdevil3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Bold statement...I mean he's going to be bashed with some really pissed off nintendo fans.But I wonder how is nintendo going to reply to this and to some level I do agree not that I dont like Wii Fit and Sports it sure is fun but it kinda neglects the Hardcore games all together.Nintendo should release more hardcore games like Metriod Prime or Zelda for which they are really respected.It would be nice to see some new zelda games.Its just MY opinion.

decapitator3975d ago

I dont disagree with him at all but then again, the wiifit isn't aimed at gamers. It is aimed at non-gamers who seem to be the ones buying the wii.

PS360WII3975d ago

Stop with the silly only non-gamers buy the Wii. That's like saying people only buy the PS3 for the BluRay player.

Drekken3975d ago

lol they arent nongamers, they just like no play things that arent games... but if it is a game please make it nice a pixelated and ugly, that is the only way!

NO_PUDding3975d ago


to be honest People don't buy PS3 for Blu-Ray, but it was an awful analogy becuase Wii owners aren't real gamers. I would say all my friends liek to game, casually. But the only people I know with a Wii are a family with two young girls and a married couple who work all the time.

IT IS a fad
IT WON'T sell Third party titles becuase of that
HOWVER, it is also a great basis for the Nintendo next generation. Perhaps they can seperate the Wii 2 from the SDNES (super-duper nintendo entertainment system).

Just basically it's a complete developer hostile console, so the developers that like makign cool games, don't go to Wii. They like the idea of it, but it's not profitbale. And that is where the Wii stays a fad.

I truely believe that.

permutated3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

I'm a Wii owner and I've been a hardcore gamer for over 18 years.

Just because it's fun doesn't make it bad, and the first party games are spectacular. The rest of the 3rd party-casual crap I could really do without.

Just don't say that all Wii-owners are non gamers or casual gamers, that's a stupid statement that shows a very closed-minded, fanatic approach.

I have a Wii, a PSP, and a 360. How am I a casual or a non gamer?

Whats with all the new labels anyway? Remember when we used to just play games and have fun? What happened to alot of people that made them so focused on a definable image? Besides, are you so insecure about yourself that you need to label everyone so that you can clearly define yourself as not being a part of that group? How insecure are you?

TheTwelve3975d ago

I agree with the general hardcore gamer's disgust with the Wii. I think the Wii is a silly, cheesy, childish, dumbed-down disgrace to gaming. I even hate the name "Wii". I hate saying it, hate writing it, and hate how people who know nothing about gaming say it with ignorant pride.

But you know what? That's just my opinion. I come from a different gaming tradition. I don't admire Mario. I think Smash Brothers is childish and makes people act stupid. But that's just ME.

While I do believe that the Wii is a fad, and I laugh at people who try to measure it up in anyway to the PS3 or 360, we have to give credit where credit is due. If the name of the game is to make money, Nintendo has done that. There's nothing wrong with Nintendo taking advantage of a sector of people that we didn't know would buy a console.

Most of us are threatened by the Wii because we think all of gaming will go to "Wii" standards. We think we will lose our traditional and trusted franchises to the Wii, and see them disgraced. But while this is happening to a few franchises, it won't happen to 99% of them because we hardcore gamers are still a market that must be attended to.

I think it's very prideful and stupid for people to say that Wii games are not games. If anything, Wii games are way more normal than what we hardcore gamers play. If anything, we are the ones that have to make sure we still live in reality. At least the Wii represents games as they are....GAMES...and not an OBSESSION.

But I think it's also stupid to think that the Wii is somehow the new face of gaming. It's a fad. It's bought by people who don't game normally. It's third party games suck and don't sell as a result. The Wii will rise and fall very quickly because of this.

I personally hope the Wii crashes and burns very quickly. But I know that that is the irrational part of me talking, the part that doesn't want the Wii to threaten anything to do with my PS3. :)


permutated3975d ago


How does the releases on one system effect a different one? Other than standards I mean, it poses no threats.

forum_crawler3975d ago

...keep saying that 3rd party games don't sell well on the wii? Have these "well informed" people missed the sales figures of games like:

1. Guitar Hero 3.
2. Resident Evil 4.
3. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

... just to name some?

As far as the article goes, well, it just seems like the guy is sore that more people are buying other software than his. I mean, the nerve of some people. How dare they have a CHOICE.

I don't think you have to worry about games settling for "wii standards" (which I assume refers to graphics) because that isn't the trend. Look at Gears of War. The game is ok on the 360, but it truly shines on a PC where you have access to full anti-aliasing, and all the graphics goodies you want. So, you can always count on a platform that will support the best graphics possible; just make sure you don't expect that platform to be a console...

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PS360WII3975d ago

It's sad that he takes such offense to other types of 'gaming' Guess he just wants 1 type of game to be sold forever. Lets see gaming stays the same and won't grow or try new things and see if more money can be made?

fenderputty3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

and you consider what you do to be an artform, then it would seem natural to want to progress. The Wii, while appealing to large quatities of people with it's controller, is a step back in power. It doesn't give devs the opportunity to go crazy and see what they can accomplish like the 360 and PS3 do. Technology progresses exponentially and with it, so has video games. Why couldn't the Wii progress just a little more too.

BTW ... I didn't disagree with you.

Tempist3975d ago

I think what he means is Wii Fit and Wii Sports are watering down the gaming industry. Yeah it's what happens when you branch out to other markets.

In all fairness he's trying to protect his own game and future stakes. If everyone is buying Wii Fit and ignoring his game where does that lead him to make new games.

Personally Wii Fit should be classed as an interactive fitness simulator. It's not a game by modern terms.

desolationstorm3975d ago

Going crazy is not guarenteed by hardware power. It could go either way, because there are more risks involved with creating beautiful games on the 360/ps3. So in some aspects you might see some poeple take risks and make truely spectacular games but you could also see companies shy away and stick with what works.

As for this guys comments its kinda stupid. Its not like casual gamers are ruining the market they are being brought into the market with hopes that they can be turned into bigger gamers who want to play mroe hardcore games. Will it always work no, is it worth the shot yes. Because even if 1:5 ratio of people that buy the wii can be swayed into bigger gamers then the market has grown.

Plus bringing in casuals further expands the market and expands the gaming industry. Not every movie, cd or book is put out to the same crowed so why should gaming not follow the same way. There are a ton of poeple in the world that could become gamers. Witht he success of the wii theres an oppturnity to expand the market and try and bridge the gap between gamers and non gamers. Sony did this abit in a differnt way with their systems they expanded the market by making games seem cool. So why not be happy that nintendo is expanding the market by making games seem easy and fun?

Though I do agree that Id like to see some mroe hardcore games come out for the wii, but there needs to be companies that take notice when hardcore games do sell on the wii which they do. Not all the time but hey not every game sells on every system.

forum_crawler3975d ago

But developers who want total graphics freedom should consider the PC instead. That way there are no limits, other than PC customers are harder to impress...

So don't knock the Wii for offering people choice. And who says that games like wii-fit are eating away at the market? I mean, I like hardcore games (on the PC) like team fortress and UT3, but that doesn't mean I will deprive myself of the chance of playing with wii-fit, or that because I bought wii-fit that I won't get Gears of War 2 when it comes out on the PC...

Assuming that wii-fit is mutually exclusive to other "hardcore" games is ridiculous and narrow minded. In fact, no two games are mutually exclusive. The gaming community is large enough to accommodate all types of games, and since we have CHOICE we get to buy those games we want.

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Panthers3975d ago

I agree with this man 100% It is amazing that it sells. It is amazing that the Wii sells like it does considering how much crap is on the system.

Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

agree more with your statement.

permutated3975d ago

I only got mine for first party titles, but I'm completely sick of all the random, useless sh*t that they port or put on it.

Can't wait for Okami, however. Never got the proper play through of that on the PS2.

Panthers3975d ago

The only first party title I am interested in is SSBB. And of course all of the old games you can download. I am really upset with the way Nintendo is tackling online. I know the Nintendo is more for kids, but they need to have chat in games.

The reason no other First Party game interests me is that they are all rehashed games that have been released over and over. Either that or they are minigame wiimote things. Even SSBB is sorta rehashed, but it has enough new stuff to excite me to the point of possibly buying one.

permutated3975d ago


Give Mario Galaxy a try. It's fantastic. Easily rivals Mario 64 in quality.

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phalanges3975d ago

"But ultimately they should play proper games like Valkyria Chronicles."

That made me laugh. Nice plug.

fenderputty3975d ago

That was a nice little plug there. I kind of insert whatever game I want to in his comment though.

decapitator3975d ago

I gotta admit though, the game looks awesome. I love the whole cell shaded graphics idea.

Tempist3975d ago

He technically has a point. Would you want sit ups being classed as being on par with Chess?

I believe Valkyria Chronicles is very much to be tactical like chess and to have a story with much political comment. Wii fit is well, a expensive stair master.

Mike134nl3975d ago

It is sad that a producer wines about people buying games like wii fit and not his Valkyria Chronicles, complain to your marketing manager about that problem. It is not like I was planning to buy Valkyria Chronicles, but my mother might consider Wii fit not sure about my girl friend or sister though.
But then agin should we still call Wii fit a game and not more a training program, migth end up in the gym.