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Antan3975d ago

Fantastic additions over the Jap version! High Speed Ring is a favourite of mine from GT1! Split screen mode, tuning options, new drift mode and more cars. Superb value! Anyone still not getting as its still "a demo"?

PirateThom3975d ago

This is what I keep saying, it has as many, if not more, features than most racing games, looks better than anything else and it's half the price.

Guitarded3975d ago

I still see it as more than half the price with less than half the game. That is not a good value, but an apparent attempt to milk some money out of an unfinished product. Though it has worked in the past so that makes it ok I guess.

Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3975d ago

indeed! I will be awfully "busy", come March 17th.

InYourMom3975d ago

Why pay for the game twice just so you can play 1/2 of a game early.

Would you like some cookies with your milking??

The Wood3975d ago

your not getting................. nah not really

Day zero for me. I wonder what they'll add to the European version.

bring it

Proxy3975d ago

I'll be waiting until GT8 is released, anything less is just a fraction of what GT8 will be in 2020!

OK, not really. I'm just showing that this logic has it's resonable limits. Anyone could say "I'm skiping GT5:P and holding out for GT5 full version." They could also say they're waiting for GT6, or GT8. They could also skip PS3 because they're waiting for PS4, or - why not - PS17. I don't upgrade my computer, because it becomes outdated so quickly; which is why I'm still running a 166 mhz machine. (OK, again, not really.)

If someone dosn't think GT5:P is worth 40$ that is their rightful opinion. But I'll be getting it. And as said, GT5:P has as many, or more, features that other games have, only it's selling for 20$ less. I would wait for the full GT5, if it wasn't so far away.

rofldings3975d ago

Wow ... I bought the Japanese version, but I guess I will rebuy the US version too.

GT is completely worth it.

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mighty_douche3975d ago

So is it only the US getting the extra's? What about EU?

I'll import if it's only the state's, I'm not missing out on anything!!

sonarus3975d ago

lol. i'm sure you guys have your own content but glad to knw split screen is in. the american version is the one to get though. my guess is each version will be updated with the new changes eventually

LSDARBY3975d ago

Splitscreen is what i want the most, if the EU version doesnt have it i'll be pissed.

Kain813975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

i hope they will give us(EU) the same content as the NA version


BigKev453975d ago

Just wait for the full version guys. Sony is trying to cash in on this one.

mighty_douche3975d ago

If that's what you think, that's fine. Me, i think it's worth every penny, and if buying this will help improve the real GT5 (which it will) I'm all for it.

techie3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

GT Prologues have been around for a long time, just not for NA. Count yourselves lucky. We've had the free GTHD. This GT Prologue has more tracks than MS, Online, 60 cars, loads of events (played the Japan version), n now splitscreen.

sonarus3975d ago

lol i see you snakified your avatar deep.

Sony is trying to cash in but the fact remains this game offers more than most games do. Its worth every penny plus there is an online can you not appreciate an online mode

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