Monster 4×4 World Circuit Screens

Here are some screens of Monster 4x4 World Circuit on Nintendo Wii, which will be available at launch.

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soundboy5894d ago

wow, those screens look like they were taken from a Nintendo 64 or a 1998 PC.

calderra5894d ago

Wow. You're completely right.

soundboy5894d ago

um... and why is that exactly?

ChickeyCantor5894d ago

the reason: n64 looks way different then these gfx...its like you never saw the n64 GFX and then claim this looks like the n64 gfx.......

first ppl say its GCN GFX
now you hear ppl say N64
whats next? GBA?

its just sad to claim these gfx are equal to n64 gfx......