First Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Commercial

The first commercial for Microsoft's HD DVD Add-on for the Xbox 360 has made it's way onto Youtube.

richie007bond6199d ago

Awesome got to have one of thoses babys.HDDVD

TheMART6199d ago (Edited 6199d ago )

They should add a moron with one leg with a t-shirt saying BluRay to the video trying to dance, but falling of the stage actually.

That would pin the sale of the HD-DVD for sure! ;)

shotty6199d ago

LOL, or a fat guy chasing a donut attached to his forehead. No offence, just saw it in Family guy once.

m236199d ago

i was thinking the exact same thing, i was just hoping for it

TheMART6199d ago

Or put in a wheelchair with a crippled dinosaurus in it, wearing a t-shirt saying Betamax on the frontside and BetaBluRay on the backside!

specialguest6199d ago

don't quit your day job Mcfly.

D R Fz6199d ago (Edited 6199d ago )

But seriously no, it would not resemble that notion in any way. If Blu-ray was to be represented in this commercial properly, it would first have at least 15 dancers flip on to the stage interrupting the hdd dancers and then to show that blu-ray expands beyond the movie aspect, it would also have a band come unto the stage to play the music for the dancers. This would represent the gaming aspect of the blu-ray format revealing that blu-ray brings unification of both movie lovers and gamers as it did the dancers and the band. That's next-gen for you. Can't wait for the Blu-ray commercials.

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TheXgamerLive6199d ago (Edited 6199d ago )

Saying in a smurf voice, "I hate HD-DVD", but then after watching the dancers say's in a whisper, "I love HD-DVD", and has a tear going down his face as he's packing his bags.
Ok, seriously though, We see it all so complete now, the Xbox 360 has not rushed but methodically released everything with a certain point in mind. PERFECTION.
Not like sony's so called online, but well thought out and tested. It's a more than complete gaming system and I love it and all its so offering in such a bad ass way. Too bad sony has wasted all there soon or not so soon owners of the so called ps3.

Also, let's not all forget, the HDMI (if needed) cable is now shown to be coming dec.1st and may also be included in the HD-DVD offering for no extra charge.

MoonDust6199d ago

The same thing happening but a white guy comes in with Blue-Ray T-Shirt and hangs all the black kids.
Sony is Racist.
LOL, just making fun of them for making that dumb Billboard.