European PS Store updates for 6th March

The flOw expansion pack makes its way to Europe, as does some additional Guitar Hero III DLC.

In addition, there are a stack of videos this week plus a new theme for the PS3 XMB.

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TheHater4984d ago

wow. no demo. that sucks. I just hope that the US store has a better update. We already know that they Japanese Playstation Store has been updated with a demo.

mighty_douche4984d ago

Yeah, a bit of a let down huh.

Still ill be downloading echochrome for both PSP and PS3 as soon as i get home. Even with it being from the Japanese store as they have included an English version!

I'll keep my eyes open for the US update i guess.

Tryst4984d ago

Have I missed something about Echochrome for PS3? Is there a demo on the US store?

mighty_douche4984d ago

Japanese store mate. But they have English versions on there also!

DolphGB4984d ago always welcome. We've had very little in terms of extra tracks in Europe.

Nice to get the flOw expansion, but a real shame that the stuff we know SHOULD be turning up just isn't appearing.

paul_war4984d ago

Well anything is better then last week.

MaximusPrime4984d ago

1.99 for FloW expansion pack. not bad.

Tryst4984d ago

I want a army of two demo. Its been getting mixed reviews across the board, so really want to test this out before a potential purchase.

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The story is too old to be commented.