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1up write: So tells EA Montreal studio head Alain Tascan to me recently about his decision to buy Army of Two a three-month delay in order to polish it up. Essentially, were the game in an unsalvageable state last fall, EA might have elected to just ship what it had in the hopes that players (and reviewers) would be kind to it. At least he's honest. But Tascan felt otherwise -- that Army of Two was simply mired by small issues that could be remedied with a bit more time -- and in a somewhat unprecedented move for EA, he passed on the all-important holiday shopping season. Playing the final version now, I'm inclined to agree with his decision. Army of Two is a far better game than it was a few months ago; Graphical improvements were made, annoyances were minimized, and elements that didn't work as expected were simply cut. Still, as great as it is to play this new-and-improved -- and now, overall, pretty good -- co-op shooter, no amount of polish can disguise that it ultimately falls well short of its once-lofty ambitions.

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Typical EA crap. MS and EA belong together.

BLUR1113972d ago

this should be a very cool game mainly for the co-op online

RJ20003972d ago

Honestly from a computer perspective... You are absolutuly right. Look at all the problems both sides have. Neither sides have been accused of over working.

EA is more crap than M$. MS is just unreliable.

M0KILLaU3972d ago

I bought it last night and its pretty good, the co-op AI is not as strong as i hoped it would be.

BLUR1113972d ago

^ what system did you get it on ?, i was thinking of getting it on ps3. and if they ai on coop isn't that great but decent then i might still buy it

acetw1n3972d ago

I have to say it's not bad at all, i have the ps3 version ,whats up with the E.A. bashing ,Theyve been doing better lately on thier multiplat form stuff .

JasonPC360PS3Wii3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

I'm not much of a fan of EA games, accept Battlefield and thats all DICE.

brothersimon3972d ago

Aint really bothered about this game tbh

Its worn off'a me

eddierivera3972d ago

I got the ps3 version and I think its freaking awesome. The weapon customization alone gives it a B+ rating alone, and the cover systems is better than r6v. I love the way you can buy some really good guns at the begining of the game like the p90 and the mp7. You dont have to press any buttons to use cover, which works almost flawlessly. I love they way I whip out the mp7 and use it around corners gangster stlye with one hand,, this game is awesome , i dont know what else to say. Oh yeah,, The graphics are freaking Sic! Better than most games out right now,, even comparable to call of duty 4. To bad there isnt more than 2 player mp.

crematory3972d ago

is this game really nice ,i dont have any friends can i play online with others...i mean join a room or something
thanks alot

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