The 47 Most Diabolical Video-Game Villains of All Time

The bossiest of bosses are counted down in GamePro's retrospective through long, breathless nights with sweaty palms, thrown controllers and endless battles against the baddest-ass villains they have ever faced -- both new and old-school. Of course, with these famous foes, it's a love/hate relationship.

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bym051d3975d ago

How was the picture of Mother Brain her and not a Metroid?

Kefka deserved to be higher on the list.

Does Psycho Manits really deserve to be so high?

Why is DK even on the list. With the exception of his first and third game, he's been a victim or a protagonist.

REbirth3975d ago

go send your curriculum to gamepro..may be they hired you...
u probably never played mgs thats why...psyco mantis the 2nd best boss ever

bym051d3975d ago

Thanks, but I played every Metal Gear game except for the Gamecube and XBOX versions.

I remember when Psycho Mantis read my memory card to see which other Konami games I played.

He's a good boss, but not that good.

VirusE3975d ago

I cant even bring myself to click the link. Gamepro has no right to talk about anything game related. They are the weekly world news of gaming in my opinion.

Gazman3975d ago

How the bloody hell could they not include Vamp from metal gear solid 2: Sons of Liberty ex-specially after killing Emma, Octacons sister. I mean come on how messed up is that killing a kid

BLUR1113975d ago

WTF.. i think psycho Mantis shoulda topped donkey kong in the list

games4fun3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

any of them should have topped donkey kong the guy may have been evil but there are a bunch of games now that he is good, sephiroth should have been number one and donkey kong shouldnt even be on the list also the list caters heavily to nintendo bosses, the problem with that is most nintendo bosses are a pushover and arent even trying to destroy/rule the world or kill massive ammounts of people, instead they steal a girlfriend? what a fiendish plan.

also kefka should be right behind sephiroth imo

also if people complain there are too many FF square villians its because ff square villians are usually pretty evil not a bunch of pushovers

M_Adkins3975d ago

There were a lot of games I haven't played on there however I think the list was pretty good. Two moves I would of had different would be Lavos(who is the cause of the evolution of mankind) and Kefka they should be a lot higher on the list.

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The story is too old to be commented.