Xfire Interview

1up spoke with Xfire's COE Mike Cassidy about the implementation of Xfire's technology in Xfire and its continued implementation in upcoming PlayStation 3 games.

TheMART6352d ago

For real. The Sony network is becomming a mess.

So it's x-fire and Gamespy, Sony's own private network, what's more? PSLinkKAI? PSConnect? Nothing unified makes it a jungle of options, logins...

"1UP: How will users log in to Xfire? Will they log in through the PS3 Online log in or through each individual game?
MC: It'll be in the game. So as you go into the game, there'll be a dialog box in the game that will ask for your screen and password."

Nice. Setting up new connections for each game. With XBL you're logging in once and from them on the service takes you online whatever game you start up.

I guess this is Sony's way to make it 'free', if you'd ask me a very, very bad one. I expected a unified online structure from Sony this time around, but it seems if they updated the sad PS2 'great' online service. This could mean death for Sony/PS3 if you'd ask me

highps36352d ago

I have to admit the irony that this is about all we know about Ps3 Entire Wonderful Online Network.

How many days until launch?

This is ridiculous, guess Ill wait until October 19th now...

I dont care if they have nothing but just show what you have in place already. All this NDA needs to stop, what am I buying?!!


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Petebloodyonion13h ago

I guess these companies didn't call Sweet baby inc. for help.

Yui_Suzumiya12h ago

Don't forget Nukitashi 2 which just came out 😆

notachance12h ago

I bet this is gonna be one of those article which gets to hot even though there's only a few comments because people are too busy clicking the link 🤣


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