Have You Finished Shadow Of The Colossus?

If not, go away. Best case, this will mean little to you, worst case, it's a major spoiler.

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Iamback3969d ago

To me Shadow of Colossus seems like prequel of ICO, even if creators have never confirmed it, there are some hints to it at the end on SOC.

I have finished SOC, using YouTube to see videos that folks put there about best way or way(s) to kill colossuses. It is very short game, you can finish it in 5 or less hours but it is truly magical experience. Every boss battle is so epic, any of those "colossus" could be final boss battle in some other game.

BTW- if you are Team ICO fan, check GamesBlow site there he wrote some stuff about two project on which they are working.

Armyless3969d ago

You're not fooling anyone. Here are more examples you've recently dumped on us. Why can't we enjoy these N4G without these stupid manipulations?

"stole those rumors from Gamesblow"

"Also 2 days ago GamesBlow gave short info"

"Check gamesblow blog"

"GamesBlow told you FIRST MINUTE"

"They stole storis/rumors from gamesblow"

"GamesBlow was first one to talk about"

"GamesBlow... has been way more right that SurferGuy"

"GamesBlow is only one i trust from now on"

"Yeah same stuff Gamesblow wrote few days ago"

malingenie3969d ago

He is gamesblow.

Flipping Gamestop Regional Manager, probably acne ridden and pot bellied, who can only feel like he is contributing to the world by announcing his insider news and being an ass.

Iamback3969d ago


Wow talk about obsession, i didn't know you go around and somewhere save every line i said about GamesBlow, thats some sick sh!t, like some kind of perverted stalker.
From what i know internet is free, or at least we live in free society where people can say what they want as long as it is not racist or something like that. So i will keep on mentioning him if i feel so. If that bothers you, than skip it.


I am not GamesBlow, since you guys follow and record my comments than you should know that i am from Europe, i even said from what country (you can find it in old comments). And as far as i know Gamesblow is American. So stop pulling crap from you mount by saying that i am him just because i use him as an example if he was wright on something.

C_SoL3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

i hear about him all the time throughout this site. who the fu<k is he? i'm guessing hes another nerd.

This game is fu<kin great, I wonder what its going to look like on the PS3.

qohelet3968d ago

i would love to be able to play enhanced version of ico/sotc in real hd format/updated graphics...
the upscaling of the ps2 games on my ps3 isn't perfect and these games deserve to be rendered properly...

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Kain813969d ago

between ICO and SOC.
Oh man i heard that team ico works on 3 games and i hope one of them is SOC2.

NO_PUDding3969d ago

It won't be a conventially numbered sequel. it will be a sequel in the snese it's the same universe. SoTC came chronologically first anyway. Fumito Ueda confirmed that (I think).

Armyless3969d ago

B) I think SOTC was a prequel.

HeartlesskizZ3969d ago

the game is a masterpiece. who would of thought a game with two cutscenes(beginning and end) would have such great impact and sell so well =D SOTC 2 FTW

Killjoy30003969d ago

SOTC was bottom line one of the most epic games of last generation. period.

SIX3969d ago

Yes it is. First time ever where I thought a game could be art.

GutZ313969d ago

I liked this much better then any game last generation, as well as this generation.

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