PX360 Review: Army of Two

What can one say about Electronic Arts which hasn't already been addressed? For the most part, their track record provides us with sufficient evidence to conclude they haven't demonstrated innovation or superior game play in relation to "next generation" consoles. Some may argue EA's haphazard projects extend much further, to a time when the PlayStation 2 had the console market cornered. With the hiring of former VP of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division, Peter Moore, EA promised their loyal fan base the shoddy and second rate development would cease. They have recently acquired BioWare which many in the industry perceived as an attempt to purchase innovation rather than create it. Regardless of circumstance and skepticism, Electronic Arts is making a bid to redeem their corporation and assert themselves as one of the marquee publishers of quality products. Their first effort in doing such for 2008 comes by way of the oft delayed Army of Two. Did EA succeed? Let's find out.

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GutZ313969d ago

played it for only 30 minutes, but hated it, it showed that EA cant stop with the loading screens and horrible game play mechanics.

I wouldn't suggest this game to even friends to play, as even with team work its just duck and shoot, with blind enemy's that shoot at the guy thats shooting the bigger gun.

I think if you have played Call of Duty 4 and liked it, this is going to be a rude awakening to how bad it can get.

Unfortunately I'm comparing this game to CoD4, so the standard is set pretty high, but this game didn't even come close to the hype.

Drekken3969d ago

I agree they should take a note or two from naugty dog, but come on... the game isnt bad at all

sak5003969d ago

Now which console were you playing it on?

GutZ313969d ago

Was playing it on the PS3, so that maybe also an issue.

Take that in to account before making a decision.

kewlkat0073969d ago

Oh so you got the PS3 version? I'll keep that in mind, I wish there was a DEMO but I so want to get it. Of course for the X360, where my "shooters" belong.

THAMMER13969d ago

I think it is [email protected] @SS. XBOX360 version.

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King20083969d ago

but havent played it yet...just wanted the co-op I hope its worth it

GutZ313969d ago

From what I've played, and watched my friends play so far, its not "fun" and seems more like a chore then having anything fun about it.

The best thing in the game is probably being able to give your partner daps(hand shakes, uplifting comments) in game, as this makes you have a slight bit of emotion as to playing it with out doing it.