How gaming made it into mainstream thinking

Seven years ago Aleks Krotoski was ready to tell the gaming industry to go stuff itself. It was after yet another year of content and marketing that were ever-more violent and sexualised and utterly lacking in self-awareness. And then a feminine hygiene ad changed my mind. It wasn't an ordinary tampon commercial, with women leaping around in white trousers; no, this TV ad started with the word "Play" and ended with "Game Over". In between there were 30 seconds of incongruous computer game-influenced CGI. Oh my, she thought. These games - they're going to be big.

And so she set about waiting for the medium to come to a place where adults outside the industry would look upon games as creatively inspiring, culturally challenging and an asset in the quiver of innovation. That has finally arrived.

Since 2001, games have undergone a transformation. There's a flurry of excitement about them from the outside: the internet and traditional media industries, boosted by the maturation of the web, are watching these enfants terribles closely for best-practice clues.

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