Bungie Try to Oust Call of Duty 4 with Double XP Weekends

Bungie are trying to take out Call of Duty 4 in the Xbox Live Activity charts and have given us details on their March Playlist changes, which include "double XP weekends". As well as this, they have updated some DLC.

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Citizen Cook3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Your old gen game is NOTHING compared to COD4 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2!


The Wood3976d ago

long live the king of duty 4

CrashSharc3976d ago

kind of a cheap way to get up, but whatever. COD did it too I guess...

Bolts3976d ago

I still play Halo 3 once in a while, its a great FPS to take break from the CoD 4, but thats just it. Its a game I play when I'm tired of CoD 4 which is king. Halo 3's days of being a premier console FPS is long gone.

SnakeDiesinMGS43976d ago

Currently 40k players in COD4 and 75k in Halo 3. Don't understand where they get their numbers.

Ariexv3975d ago

It's Because Halo 3 has more overall Players, CoD4 has more overall Unique User IDs, Halo 3 alot of people tend to play Split screen online which isn't possible on CoD4. Overall Halo 3 has had more overall players every week since launch, while CoD4 has only had more Unique User accounts.

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The story is too old to be commented.