Are Rhythm Games Peaking?

TalkXbox's Art Green asks if the rhythm genre has hit a ceiling, saying:

"With the steady stream of tremendous rhythm games to come out in the past two years, it's hard not to wonder if the rhythm genre might be peaking and setting up for an inevitable decline. At the same time, It is easy to see that the once barren landscape that was the rhythm game market has been mined for new mechanics, ideas and probably most importantly for game companies-dollars. Are we beginning to see that the rhythm genre is all tapped out?"

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scheme_a3975d ago

Yeah that just about thumbs it all up.

sa_nick3975d ago

Now that Rock Bands out i dont see how any other rhythm game can possibly top it. Minor tweaks can be made to make it a better overall experience, but nothing can out do the core gameplay of it.

kewlkat0073975d ago

now we have a whole "Rock Band". There will always be a Niche for these games.
But "Peaking" is a good question, have everyone, for the most part, that's interested in these games, bought into it?

Is there more games of the same type coming out?

Well what keeps a certain game or product from not "Peaking" has always been competition. I remember when we first got "Parappa the Rapper", then "Space Channel 5", "Gitaroo Man"...etc

Like some say, "Rockband" is really as good as it gets for now, unless something else comes out that pushes that franchise.