GamesIndustry.Biz Interview: Microsoft's Neil Thompson - The Age Debate: Part 1

Last week reported on an evidence session for the CMS Select Committee hearing looking into internet and videogame violence in which Microsoft's head of corporate affairs in the UK, Matt Lambert, expressed his preference for the PEGI ratings system over the BBFC.

The BBFC responded to later the same day, criticising the PEGI system for its tick-box methodology and unclear iconography.

To unpack more of the issues around the age ratings debate in the UK in the run-up to the release of the Byron Report later this month, we spent some time with Neil Thompson, senior regional director for the UK and Ireland at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division.

In part one of this two-part interview, he looks at the PEGI vs BBFC issue, and whether or not the industry is doing enough to make content appropriate for its audiences.

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