Official Damnation screenshots

Six first direct-feed screenshots from Codemasters' upcoming Unreal Engine 3 steampunk FPS Damnation.

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power of Green 3975d ago

Yuck!, looks like they couldn't work around the PS3's hardware on this one holding the game back for all?.

sonarus3975d ago

keep telling youeself that if it makes you feel better

RIPHDDVD3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Well the 360's the weaker system so yeah, multi-platform games have to be downgraded for the sake of the 360 and most of the time they look better on 360 because there's nothing left to work with on 360. It's easiest to develop for the 360 because the hardware specs aren't as high as the PS3.

Just look at DMC4. Originally meant to be 1080p when it was PS3 exclusive. Goes multi-plat and BAM, Capcom downgrades it to a hardly HD piece of crap.

360's weak. Games have to be downgraded for it. Want the best looking exclusives? Buy a PS3. 360 exclusives look no different than multi-plat games. Sad lol.

actas1233975d ago

Agree. This Unreal engine 3 is getting out of date. I mean it has a severe lack of colors problems.
It seems all games that are made using it are having the same problem this game is having to some degree.

picker3323975d ago

Don't look that good in my opinion.
Littlebit blurry in some pics,i've seen better exemple:Crysis,Hell even Gears of war look's better then this.

sonarus3975d ago

what do you mean " hell even gears of war looks better than this". Gears of war is the finest use of the unreal engine period. As long as it runs on the unreal engine, it will not look better than gears

power of Green 3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Has that ugly painted textured look three shades of sh*t Uncharted look but worse, has to go.

Painted textures Yuck. Sick of PS3 why couldn't this look like Call OF Juarez?.

Look at this old ass 360 game.

wAtdaFck3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Uncharted is a great game, you just haven't gotten around in telling the truth about how well they've accomplished with it. There's really nothing bad to say about the graphics in Uncharted (that is, unless your comparing it to the likes of Crysis).

And its funny how you criticize this game, seeing its engine was based on the same one modeled off of Gears of War (which in turn was better optimized in Unreal Tournament 3).

Its also funny how you belittle the games graphics for the sole reason its coming to the PS3, when it is in fact also coming to the 360. So according to your "Logic," that game, which is also coming to the 360, couldn't achieve what your 'Call of Jaurez' picture looks like right there on your post...when in actuality, it did. So that hit against your statement tumbles your logic, therefore your empty insults and fanboy remarks on the PS3 are null.

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The story is too old to be commented.