New Pic of Japan's Playstation 3 Dragon Pack!

A new image of the Yakuza 3 Playstation 3 bundle has been posted on The bundle comes packed with the Silver 40GB Playstation 3, a SixAxis controller, and Yakuza 3.

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sonarus3974d ago

didnt even know this game was getting a bundle. This game should sell extremely well as for console sales i dont know. DMC4 sold pretty well but didnt move consoles so its really hard to say. PS3 needs a steady flow of games to pick up momentum. Launch like 3 really good games 3 weeks apart and ps3 will be on a roll

resistance1003974d ago

Agreed, still the Ps3 needs to get the ball rolling again in Japan, sales have fallen quite a bit recentley over there

Rikitatsu3974d ago

I expect PS3 sales to sky rocket

mighty_douche3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Should sell really well, i'll be picking up Yakuza 3 on release here (hoping for a Shenmue type experience).

Regarding the silver PS3, i prefer it in black.

Rikitatsu3974d ago

But it doesn't compete with Shenmue(the best game ever created in history) ....

You can't expect Yakuza 3 to be like shenmue, they are not the same type

Fighter3974d ago

We need more bundles in North America. Japan is very lucky to get so much. I wish these bundles would have some art of the game on the PS3 body itself. If Sony is smart they will bundle GTA IV so all those with no PS3s or next gen consoles will get one.

Korosuke3974d ago

I got this game yesterday and I have played for a couple of hours, this game is really good.
But now I doubt that this game comes outside Japan. You need a good knowledge about old Japan to enjoy(or play) this game.